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Dota 2 Veteran s4 Talks About Playing in DPC Division 2

Rakshak Kathuria
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Gustav "s4" Magnusson a veteran Dota 2 player, who has mostly played in the game's top tier, spoke in a recent post-game winner's interview about playing in DPC Division 2.
S4 believes it's important to continue working hard even though they're in Division 2. According to him, they prepare fully for their matches and don't play around.
So far, goonsquad has dominated Division 2 this season, winning all three of its series against CHILLAX, IVY, and now Chicken Fighters with scores of 2-0 .

Gustav "s4" Magnusson recently returned to competitive Dota 2 with the 'goonsquad' that consists of a few former Alliance and Chicken Fighters players. This is the first time in years that s4 had to put together a team and then make it through the open qualifiers for Tour 2 of the Western Europe (WEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22. Although it may seem unusual for a player of his reputation and caliber to play for an unsponsored team and in Division 2, it is all about the outlook. In a recent post-match winner’s interview, s4 noted the importance of having the right attitude, saying that despite playing in Division 2, they were working as hard as they could to achieve their goals.

S4 stresses the importance of having the right attitude despite being a Division 2 player

Having left Alliance in November 2021, s4 missed the first Tour of the DPC 2021-22. He returned to action with a few of his former teammates and qualified for Division 2 after cruising through the open qualifiers.

In his decade-long career, s4 has only competed in the upper echelons of competitive Dota 2, but he is not concerned about those aspects right now. S4 said in an interview, following goonsquad's win over Chicken Fighters, he knows they are a good bunch of players, but they still work really hard in every series. S4, citing how their drafts have been excellent in the two series they have played thus far, said that they do not want to let the ball drop despite being in Division 2.

“For me, it’s about attitude. We know that we have really good players and playing the scrims recently, we think that we are pretty good now but our attitude is very try hard out of all these Division 2 teams. In these two games that we just played, we really tried our hardest, we don’t mess up in our drafts. As you can see, both of our drafts are very strong. You could call it big outdrafts. We don’t play around too much even though it’s Division 2.”

So far, goonsquad has dominated Division 2 this season, winning all three of its series against CHILLAX, IVY, and now Chicken Fighters with scores of 2-0 .

Additionally, s4 noted Simon "Handsken" Rasmus Haag’s strategic role in this new team, stating that Handsken was much more active and responsible for the draft than he was in their previous team - Alliance.

“I think it (IGL role) has shifted a little bit more to Handsken. I am kinda doing a lot with him. Basically, we two do a lot of the strategic stuff, drafting, and a lot of calls in game. But I’d say Handsken does most of the drafting now.”

Handsken had continued to be a part of Alliance following s4's departure in November 2021 and had even assumed leadership responsibilities for the team until his exit in January 2022.

Alliance will also be the next opponent for goonsquad in Division 2. Taking place on 2nd April 2022, it promises to be one of the most exciting and competitive series of the season.

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