Early September Sees A Sudden Increase of Dota 2 Player Numbers


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Dota 2 Reaches Highest Average Player Count in Three Years

Ammar Aryani
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Dota 2’s average player count surpassed the 500,000 mark for the first time in nearly three years.
The last time Dota 2 recorded 500,000+ average concurrent players was in June 2019, which had recorded 507,528.4
The sudden increase in players can be attributed to the recent release of TI11’s battle pass and True Sight 2021 documentary.

While The International 11’s Battle Pass seems to be one of the lowest grossing ones in Dota 2 history, the game’s popularity remains high as ever. Dota 2’s average player count has seen a substantial increase in average player count over the last few months. According to data tracking website, Steam Charts, Dota 2 recorded a peak average player count of 500,013.4 which is the highest average player count in almost three years.

The sudden increase in average player count can be attributed to the recent release of The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass.

Dota 2 saw an increase of players after the release of True Sight 2021

Despite the vocal Dota 2 community being disappointed with many of Valve's recent decisions from an underwhelming Battle Pass to its decisions regarding TI11 the community that actually plays the game looks to be still holding strong as the number of average players increased to a new high according to data tracking website, Steam Charts. While the average player count for Dota 2 has steadily increased over the past few months, it has never managed to surpass the 500,000 mark since 2019.

Average player count surpassing 500,000 in September.

There has been a large increase in both average player count and peak player count over the last 30 days. The last time Dota 2 saw its average player count crossing the 500,000 mark was in June 2019, where it recorded an average of 507,528.4.

In addition to TI11’s Battle Pass and True Sight 2021, the release of patch 7.32 has given the game a breath of fresh air with a new meta which we all witnessed during the TI11 Regional Qualifiers. This might have also played a part in renewing interest in the game for lapsed players.

With The International 2022 beginning next month, we can expect the count to peak for this cycle in October.

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