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The Best Moments from TI10’s True Sight

Vignesh Raghuram
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Valve's annual documentary for The International (TI) has finally dropped, and it was a righteous remembrance of TI10’s grand finals between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. Though TI10’s True Sights lacked the usual crowd that brings a great deal of energy to it, Valve presented the grand final in a convincing way. It upped its animation production, the level of detailing in the story of the Grand Finals and presented an intriguing narrative of the Grand Finals between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD.

We’ve picked out six of the best moments in TI10's True Sight documentary that gave the film a bit more oomph.

Our favorite moments from TI10’s True Sight

Silent’s epic speech before Game 1

During the pre-grand final huddle, PSG.LGD's coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning highlighted Spirit's evolution in its lower bracket run and the need to respect the team. Then, captain Zhang "y`" Yiping, who had won TI back in 2016 with Wing Games, took over and set the tone for the upcoming ultimate battle by emphasizing how different the grand final is.

Moments later, after the draft of game one had been completed, It was Spirit’s turn to get a dose of adrenaline before the biggest series of its players had begun. An incredible speech was given by the team's coach Airat "Silent" Gaziev, who stressed the importance of respecting the opponents while remaining relentless all the way.

So, guys. Essentially, we’ve done a good job but we’re not done yet. Looking back at our journey, it was great. We’ve had some good times together and all that. We have had great laughs together. We have eliminated the legitimate back-to-back champions. We have defeated Virtus.pro to become the best team in the CIS region. Basically, we overcame every obstacle, and all that’s left is, the strongest opponent we have had. So, today, I want to ask you to play every moment to the fullest. Even if the game is hard, like the one against IG, we play to the end, we play every game to the end. We don’t yield a centimeter of the map without a fight. Wear them down (says Miposhka). We’ll simply wear them down. We won’t get tired today even though we’ve already played three games. They will get tired. Even if the game is easy for them, we will make it hard for them. Every kill, every rotation, we make them struggle, for every victory for the longest time. We play until the end whatever the situation is, no matter what happens on the map. And don’t forget about the simple things. Their moves are textbook, proper. If we use a spell to get a kill, they will teleport, use the Smoke, take the Roshan, or the tier 1 tower in mid. They play around their vision a lot. Their dewarding is the best at this tournament. Judging by the stats, they are the best team at almost everything at this tournament.”

Xiao8 forces XinQ to wash his face before game 2

A few minutes after the first game started, XinQ yawned, which annoyed coach xiao8, who was sitting in the booth close to the stage. A small point that initially seemed insignificant, xiao8 amusingly forced XinQ to wash his face because he did not like it.

When XinQ responded that he was fine, xiao8 said he would not begin the game two discussion unless XinQ actually did it. This position four player for PSG.LGD decided to go and do it for his coach's peace of mind.

Spectacular Tinker animation in game three

The animated teamfights in the grand final were present in a few numbers but were simply remarkable. Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang's Tinker comes to mind during a pivotal teamfight turnaround in game three for PSG.LGD. The way Valve has shown Tinker teleporting and then using spells on Magnus and Phantom Assassin and killing the latter was truly mesmerizing.

XinQ shuts Collapse’s Magnus with a perfect game on Rubick

While PSG.LGD chose the appropriate heroes in game three against Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov's Magnus by selecting Rubick, Undying, Bloodseeker, Spectre, and Tinker, XinQ's performance on Rubick was the spark in the Chinese team winning the game.

XinQ never let Collapse play his sly game on Magnus, and his 'Skewer' maneuvers were completely shut down as XinQ used his Lift to perfection. He not only prevented Collapse from helping Spirit in making a turnaround, but he also stole Skewer and Reverse Polarity to further harm Spirit.

Even Spirit was taken aback by how well Collapse's Magnus was neutralized for the first time in the playoffs as seen in the documentary. The players, though, were able to laugh it off and move on to the next game.

TORONTOTOKYO’s bold call in game five’s draft

Something that may go overlooked in True Sight is Spirit's midlaner Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek's conviction and impact during the drafting stage of game five. Spirit had the second and last ban left in the opening phase and was unsure whether to ban Tiny, a hero that the team had banned in all four games so far and had been a hallmark of PSG.LGD in the event. While the majority of his teammates were in favor of going for it, it was TORONTOTOKYO who stood out and urged Miposhka to allow Tiny to be in the pool. If PSG.LGD choose Tiny, and he said they would opt for their hallmark hero Magnus. In the end, Miposhka ended up listening to TORONTOTOKYO’s call and PSG.LGD picked up Tiny.

Later on, Miposhka and Yatoro leaned on picking Wraith King as the final pick for Spirit but TORONTOTOKYO once again convincingly replied that Terrorblade was the better carry option since PSG.LGD lacked stuns. After some deliberation, Miposhka picked Terrorblade.

As history shows, this proved to be the right decision as both Terrorblade and Magnus played leading roles in Spirit's win in game five and eventually TI10.

Miposhka’s final comment to cap off True Sight

A heartwarming comment by Miposhka and a reply from one of the squad members culminated in True Sight's celebration of winning TI10 and lifting the Aegis of Champions. Miposhka said that he had been dreaming of this moment for a long time now and asked what there is now after that he had won TI now. Sitting in the van, someone from the Team Spirit crew replied that the goal was now to win a second TI.

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