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Dota 2 Pros Discuss Nightfall’s Tendency to Micro-Manage, Call Him ‘Russian EE’

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Dota 2 pros discussed Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko's tendency to micromanage during Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski's recent Twitch livestream, even dubbing him the "Russian EternaLEnVy."
Johan "N0tail" Sundstein revealed how, shortly after winning The International 9 (TI9), Nightfall continued to school his two OG teammates and him in a ranked game.
Nightfall is known for talking and pinging a lot in ranked games, which has proven to be both helpful and frustrating for his teammates.

Known for his tendency to express his opinions freely regarding in-game decisions and taking charge of the team, BetBoom Team's Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko is one of the most vocal players in competitive Dota 2. As a result, he talks and pings a lot in ranked games, which has proven to be both helpful and frustrating for his teammates. During Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski's recent Twitch livestream, Dota 2 pros talked about Nightfall's tendency to micro-manage, and even called him the "Russian EternaLEnVy." Additionally, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, who was also present in the livestream, described how in a ranked game with two OG teammates, soon after winning The International 9 (TI9), Nightfall continued to school them despite their recent accomplishment.

Gorgc, N0tail, and pieliedie talk about Nightfall's communication style

During a recent Twitch livestream with other Dota 2 pros also joining in to watch the DreamLeague Season 21, Gorgc explained how Nightfall may have helped his team win a game against Gaimin where they appeared to be losing.

“I know Nightfall. He turned on his yapping machine and he probably made like - 18 calls a second, caught out every hero, and ended the game. That’s how he works in pubs at least.”

In response to this, N0tail recalled an incident from four years ago when Nightfall, an emerging carry player then, was advising his OG TI9 winning teammates the way to play in a ranked game.

“I wish I had this recording - I think it was post TI9. After we came back from TI, and we were in a pub - me, Ceb, and Topson. We were on the same team as Nightfall and he was nonstop telling us what to do. He is nonstop, you know. Just after TI9. We were just kind of laughing. I think we were on Discord talking and were like what the f**k is happening right and Ceb is like - joking with him and talking - It’s okay my friend. I think Topson knows what to do here. We were just laughing. It was funny. Yeah, he has this thing, right. He is a commenter.”

At the same time, as Gorgc highlighted after N0tail’s statement, Nightfall's ability to constantly think about the game is a reason he is a top-tier carry player now.

“I haven’t played with him but I have played with Envy but that shit wasn’t fun,” N0tail responded then with Gorgc concurring and mentioning that such a personality may not be suitable for every team. The livestreamer also cited the example of Evil Geniuses, who has had a more composed squad over the last years, where Nightfall was likely not the ideal fit.

Then, in a lighter tone, Gorgc brought attention to one incident of Nightfall's tendency to supervise others on his team quickly.

“This is what it is like playing with Nightfall. I am playing the most random role. I am playing position four, position three and I queue an item. I swear that it takes him five seconds before he notices what item I queued and then he tells me that I am wrong and I need to buy something else. Five seconds. He is checking his teammates every item they are queuing. Maybe it is “Russian Envy” (to pieliedie saying that this level of micro managing does sound like EternaLEnVy). “Envy prime,” he should name himself.” It’s stressful to play with him but it’s fun.”

Nightfall currently plays carry for BetBoom Team, a team with plenty of young talent and probably one of the most vocal teams inside a game in competitive Dota 2. In DreamLeague Season 21, the team is performing well and is on track to qualify for the playoffs.

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