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Dota 2 Caster Is A Victim of Recent Violent Robbery

Dhruv Saikia
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Prominent Dota 2 caster Sean "Snare" Rihlamvu recently took to Twitter and shared his story of being robbed.
According to the Tweet, it was a violent robbery where he was subjected to physical abuse, theft, and lost all of his money.
This comes a few weeks after the Infinity Gaming house in Peru was robbed, and multiple PCs were taken.

Sean "Snare" Rihlamvu, a prominent South African caster in the Dota 2 community, recently shared a harrowing experience on Twitter. He recounted a traumatic incident involving a violent robbery that has left him shaken. Although Snare managed to escape without severe physical harm and assures everyone that he is alive and relatively okay, this unfortunate event emphasizes the crucial need for safety and security within the esports community. Incidents of theft and robberies have also impacted professional teams, further underscoring the significance of addressing this issue.

A Disturbing Encounter: Snare's Robbery Ordeal 

In a tweet that shocked the Dota 2 community, Snare detailed a distressing incident that unfolded as he became the victim of a violent robbery. According to him, he was subjected to physical harm, theft and even forced to take out all the money from his bank at an ATM.

Despite the horrifying nature of the incident, Snare reassured his followers that he managed to escape without suffering severe physical injuries and that he is, for the most part, alive and okay.

Snare’s robbery reminds us of the recent targeting Infinity Esports’ bootcamp in Lima, Peru. The Costa Rican organization currently participating in the DPC South America 2023 Tour 3: Division I fell victim to a burglary that resulted in the loss of six PCs and five monitors. This theft carries significant financial consequences for the organization and brings attention to the vulnerability of gaming facilities to criminal acts.

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