It remains to be seen if Dendi will be a part of the new B8 Dota 2 roster or not


Dendi Issues Statement as B8 Disbands Dota 2 Roster

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B8 has disbanded its Dota 2 roster after a string of unsatisfactory performances.
Dendi asked the fans to wait for more information about the new squad, without saying whether or not he would continue on it.
Regarding B8's new lineup, Dendi will now ideally be aiming for the next DPC season, which is expected to begin sometime after TI11 in October 2022.

Following a spate of poor results, including the failure to qualify for Division 2 of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Tour 3, B8 has dissolved its Dota 2 squad. Some of the now-former players went on to recount their experience with the squad and the issues that led to the disappointing performances in a video released on the organization's YouTube account. Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, founder and a key participant in B8, stated that the players will go their separate ways in the future. He asked the fans to wait for details on the new roster without specifying if he will remain a member of it or not.

B8 disbands Dota 2 after a string of unsatisfactory performances

“We decided to say goodbye to our Dota 2 team. It’s sad but the results were underwhelming. That’s why we decided to part ways,” Dendi explained as to why the Dota 2 team was disbanded in the video.

B8’s disbanded Dota 2 roster:

  1. Alexander “v1olent” Park

  2. Danil "Dendi" Ishutin

  3. Maksym "pjon" Netrebsckiy

  4. Adam “LagooNa” Chakhae

  5. Azamat "Gatciy" Gatciev

In describing how the roster was initially assembled, Dendi noted that a lot of time had been invested into bringing these players together since they had been selected after considerable screening. “We tried to find the guys that would match well together. It took a long time to select these players. We found over 70 players, that were on our radar, 25 people per 1 of the 3 positions,” he said.

Dendi said that they were only getting better and noticing progress before the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted their practice regime. This resulted in difficulty playing the game, and was also a part of the reason for not being able to qualify for Division 2 in Tour 3.

As part of their parting words, the other players also mentioned other problems they encountered, such as a lack of consensus on Dota 2 views, short-term solutions, and more.

“We’ll be moving forward in our separate ways. I’d like to thank the team for the time spent together. I really liked spending time with them,” Dendi said, wishing the players the best of luck in their future endeavors.

“It’s hard to build a Dota team from scratch again. But B8 is ready for difficulties. We see it as an opportunity. So, guys await some new information about the team,” he further added.

Since Dendi founded B8 in January 2020, the organization has mainly failed to assemble a team capable of ascending to the top rankings. This season's roster followed in the footsteps of the previous one by failing to produce anything of note.

Regarding B8's new lineup, Dendi will now ideally be aiming for the next DPC season, which is expected to begin sometime after The International 11 (TI11) in October 2022. So, Dendi has plenty of time to choose a roster that will finally be able to come out of the rut that the team has been in for the past two years.

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