Daxak had joined PSG Quest in September 2023


Daxak Lashes Out at PSG Quest as He Announces Split From the Team

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PSG Quest’s Dota 2 coach Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin criticized the team's dynamics in a recent Telegram post where also he revealed his departure from the organization.
Daxak emphasized that all of his actions were aimed at improving the team, but there was no greater degree of devotion from the teammates who despite having the skills did not following a training process.
Daxak believes his reputation has suffered as a result of his departure from PSG Quest, but he is confident to demonstrate his value if given the right opportunity.

PSG Quest’s Dota 2 coach Nikita "Daxak" Kuzmin criticized the team's dynamics in a recent Telegram post, also revealing his departure from the organization. He expressed frustration with the low commitment from his teammates and highlighted his attempts to foster collaboration which did not work out. Because of the scenario that has developed, which may point fingers at him as well, the 26 year old stated that his reputation as a Dota 2 professional has taken a major hit, but he is confident of proving his value if given a viable chance.

Daxak criticizes team dynamics at PSG Quest in exit statement

Daxak wrote a long post on Telegram detailing the reasons behind his departure shortly after PSG Quest's carry player Aybek "TA2000" Tokayev had announced the team was looking for a coach.

“I quit/I was kicked out of the org. In fact, I shouldn't have even gone to the bootcamp because people didn't give a f**k and didn't work, but I motivated and persuaded them to start working and they gave me their word that they would f**k around and so on and in the end it didn't happen (not to mention that a week before the quals I persuaded two players to play until the end and then split up if you hate each other so much).”

Daxak emphasized that all his actions were targeted at making the team better, and even at the end when things were appearing to fall apart, he concentrated on bringing about better results.

“Everything I did was aimed at the result of the team not to mention how much knowledge, emotion, and effort I gave under the conditions I had. Even my last actions were just to try to improve the situation, even though I could have just sat there doing my usual impact and watched it all fall apart.”

In light of this exit from PSG Quest, Daxak feels that his reputation has been hurt, but he intends to showcase his value if given the right opportunity.

“I won't let my reputation (I know it's f**ked up) be ruined any further after all I've done. It's not clear about my future because my results and reputation are in the shit =no one will even let me show myself but I'm still ready to join any normal team to prove in just a couple of hours that I can and know (if I don't get such a chance I'll just go to f**king pubs and hope that I'll be lucky at least once in my career).”

Daxak concluded his statement by expressing frustration with PSG Quest, highlighting issues with training despite the team's skill set.

As for the future of my former team, I can say that they can f**k everyone up and suck everyone's d**k- that's the price of f**ked up training. That there is knowledge and skills but no training process (including my departure may give them the necessary motivation to give).”

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PSG Quest has not responded to Daxak's statement at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Daxak had joined PSG Quest before The International 12 (TI12) replacing Gennady "GuessWho" Filatov. The team has not had the best results since then, with a 17th-20th finish at TI12 and not being able to beat Team Falcons in the grand finals of the qualifiers for BetBoom Dacha 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22 recently. This was the player's first major coaching role after eight years as a professional carry player.

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