Chu Talks About Internal Dota 2 Match Fixing Investigation Conducted by OG

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Chu Talks About Internal Dota 2 Match Fixing Investigation Conducted By OG</p></div>

Chu Talks About Internal Dota 2 Match Fixing Investigation Conducted By OG


Chu discussed OG's response to suspicions of match-fixing within the Dota 2 scene, offering rare behind-the-scenes perspectives.
Chu delved into allegations against Taiga and the internal match-fixing investigation conducted by OG in response to it last year.
Chu reflected on the broader impact of integrity issues and scandals on professional Dota 2 and its stakeholders.

The former Dota 2 coach for OG, Eugene "Chu" Makarov, shared his experience of the internal match-fixing investigation that had been conducted by the esports organization against Tommy "Taiga" Le, during a recent interview with

He delved into the sensitive topic of the 322 scandal within the Dota 2 professional scene involving Taiga who is currently a part of Leviatán. 

Chu shed light on OG's response to suspicions surrounding Taiga's involvement in possible 322 schemes, providing rare insight into the behind-the-scenes realities of competitive gaming.

Chu Provides Insights Into OG’s Internal Dota 2 Match-Fixing Investigation Against Taiga

Chu, a prominent figure in the Dota 2 scene known for his tenure with OG, during a recent interview shed light on several compelling topics ranging from his experiences in Europe to the sensitive issue of the 322 scandal involving Taiga and the investigation done by OG.

This follows allegations by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Morf against Taiga, in regard to involvement in gambling and match-fixing. He backed his claims using screenshots of conversations, audio recording, bill receipts, and gambling bets.

Regarding Taiga, Chu expressed his perspective on recent allegations of involvement in 322 schemes, noting that suspicions had arisen earlier during ESL One Berlin Major 2023, “We had the first suspicions ESL One Berlin Major 2023. So the recent video did not surprise me.

Furthermore, Chu confirmed that an internal investigation was conducted, focusing primarily on Taiga, but declined to divulge specifics, “I was mainly asked questions about Tommy [Taiga] (I will not go into details), and there was little about the team.

Chu also acknowledged the broader impact of such incidents on the professional Dota 2 scene, characterizing the experience as tragic for both himself and the team, “Dota in the last couple of years is rich in stories about 322, mainly on the shooting range-2-3 stage. But being at the epicenter of such a story was tragic both for me and for the team.”

Explaining his departure from OG, Chu cited the end of his contract and a desire to pursue a different path beyond his role as an assistant coach.

This interview revealed Chu’s perspective on the challenges faced by teams dealing with integrity issues, highlighting the impact of such incidents on players and organizations.

Chu's reflections offer a deeper understanding of the complexities within the Dota 2 community and the measures taken to uphold competitive integrity.

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