Chinese Condom Brand to Refund Purchases if PSG.LGD Wins TI11

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>PSG.LGD members posing three days ahead of TI11 kickoff</p></div>
PSG.LGD members posing three days ahead of TI11 kickoff


Jissbon, a Chinese condom manufacturer that is a sponsor of PSG.LGD, has launched a unique advertising campaign ahead of The International 11. (TI11).
PSG.LGD x Jissbon condoms are being offered, and all purchases of these particular kind of condoms will be reimbursed to customers should the team win TI11.
The goal of the video advertising is to illustrate the players' passion for the game despite the defeat at the TI10 grand final, connecting the players' journey to Jissbon's product.

A Chinese condom brand, Jissbon, that sponsors popular Dota 2 team PSG.LGD, has launched a special advertising campaign ahead of The International 11 (TI11). Jissbon x PSG.LGD condoms are being sold as a part of this campaign and all sales of this particular line of condoms will be refunded to customers if the team manages to win TI11. Furthermore, the company has released a music video advertisement that aims to appeal to the audience by relating its sexual wellness product to the journey of PSG.LGD. The music video showcases the five players' "lasting passion" even after losing TI last year.

Chinese condom brand Jissbon launches special edition PSG.LGD condoms

PSG.LGD's star carry player Wang "Ame" Chunyu begins the music video by reminiscing about the losses he suffered against OG in the TI8 grand finals and against Team Spirit in the TI10 grand finals.

There is then a much more energetic tone that begins with the music, chanting of the team's name by the crowd, and the team's five members coming together in team huddles.

According to a user on Reddit (u/da_yu), the motto of the video advertisement is to showcase the passion the players have for the game despite their setbacks in the past, particularly in Ame's case. There is also a moment in the video that brings back PSG.LGD’s decision to not ban Magnus against Team Spirit in TI10's grand final that adds a humorous touch to the video.

Magnus was largely regarded as Team Spirit's top hero during TI10 but PSG.LGD chose to let it go in the last game. And since the team lost the game, it resulted in a flood of criticism from the Dota 2 community. The topic has however cooled off since then and is now more popular for memes.

“Jissbon also inserted a phrase translated as 'the longer you last the more passion you have' at the end,” pointing to some great things to come for PSG.LGD, which has been a Jissbon ambassador since April 2022, at TI11.

However, Jissbon’s strategy of repaying its customers if PSG.LGD manages to win TI11 is definitely the most impressive aspect of this campaign.

In light of how PSG.LGD has played over the past few years and how it was able to maintain its form into this season, it enters another TI as a strong favorite. TI11 begins on 15th Oct with the group stage.

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