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Ceb to Put Together a Stack For Next DPC Season If He Hits Donation Goal for Charity Event

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Sébastien "Ceb" Deb, a Dota 2 legend, has set some amusing donation goals for the Z Event 2022.
Z Event is an annual event in which French livestreamers livestream on Twitch and raise money for environmental charities by setting donation goals.
In Ceb's case, as the money grows, his goals also become just as exciting as the €100,000 milestone involves putting together a team for the next Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season.

The livestreams of OG's legendary Dota 2 player Sébastien "Ceb" Deb are going to be quite enjoyable over the next couple of days as he has outlined some captivating donation goals for the Z Event 2022. Z event was founded in 2016 by Adrien "Zerator" Nougaret and Alexandre "Dach" Dachary as a charity project involving French livestreamers on Twitch. To connect with the audience more effectively, livestreamers generally set donation goals during their livestreams. During the 2022 edition, which runs from 9th to 11th Sept, Ceb will also livestream as a part of it. He has listed a total of 10 donation milestones and will be required to do some entertaining activities, such as playing with viewers and organizing a “meet and greet” session, in recognition of the completion of the milestones.

Ceb has listed ten donation milestones for the Z Event 2022

In a tweet, Ceb announced he would be part of the Z Event's 2022 Edition and would begin his livestream on 9th Sept at 6:00 pm CET (12:00 am SGT). His goal is to run long streams throughout the event, which runs till 11th Sept. He, therefore, asks that fans tune in.

Within a few hours of the tweet, he sent out another one in which he listed the 10 donation milestones starting at €250 and going all the way up to €100,000.

As the money grew, Ceb's goals also became just as exciting as the €100,000 milestone involves putting together a team for the next Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season. As Ceb is already retired from competitive Dota 2, this milestone comes as a surprise.

From phase one to phase nine, the goals gradually progress, but Ceb's final goal, assembling a team, jumps directly from €25,000 to 100%. There's always a chance that the two-time The International (TI) champion can complete all the milestones but considering the leap, the fans might just be able to watch him finish the ninth one, which is hilariously watching him play Dota 2’s rival game, League of Legends.

At the time of writing, which is two hours into the livestream, Ceb has already topped €1,000 in donations from Twitch viewers.

In the Z Event 2022, hosted by Zerator, 50 livestreamers are raising funds for environmental charities over a three-day period. In addition to donations, t-shirts are being sold by attaching links on the Twitch chat of the livestreams to support the designated charities. The event is held annually and has collected over $24 million since 2016.

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