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Ceb Reflects on TI10 Loss Against Team Spirit, Says it Made Him Quit

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During a recent Twitch broadcast, OG's Sébastien "Ceb" Debs discussed the team's game one loss against Team Spirit which led to the team's elimination from the event.
Ceb was upset since his side should have won the first game, but they couldn't stop Spirit from making the single play they had to flip the game around, which was Collapse utilizing Skewer to draw them into Spirit's base.
As he rewatched numerous incidents from the game on livestream, Ceb went on to state that he "hated" TI10 and that the defeat versus Spirit forced him to retire from the game.

While he has filled in occasionally for OG this year, Sébastien "Ceb" Debs has maintained that he has been fully retired since The International 10. (TI10). It was the eventual winner Team Spirit that had ended OG's TI10 journey in the third round of the lower bracket after a 2-0 win. Ceb watched a large portion of the first game of this series during a recent Twitch livestream, explaining the defeat to the viewers. With emotion in his voice, Ceb explained that this loss to Team Spirit was what prompted his decision to retire soon after TI10. Furthermore, he expressed disappointment since his side should have won the game but couldn't stop Spirit from winning with the only move it could make - using Magnus to Skewer OG players into Spirit’s base.

Ceb says his retirement was influenced by OG's TI10 defeat against Team Spirit

Ceb began watching the replay of the first game against Spirit at TI10 on Twitch livestream, where OG was prepping to push at the 34 minute mark with Syed "SumaiL" Hassan’s Tiny boasting an Aegis. As he explained, Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen's Void Spirit should have been able to counter Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov's Magnusevery time he desired to make a move with Skewer.

“The only thing they can do is Skewer him back very deep into the tier 4s and then later into the fountain. It’s their only play literally and that play actually can not work. Why? Because we have Euls on Void Spirit, meaning all we have to do is pre click the Euls on Magnus that has no BKB and this Magnus is just gonna Eul himself like - he gets Euls on top of himself and the game is done. As simple as that.”

Furthermore, Ceb acknowledged that the teammates went in different directions during the game, but his belief was that when they made the initial push for the high ground, the game should have ended.

“I remember back then, to give you a little bit of background, not everybody felt very good about this play that we were trying to push for but you know we were a team that was not on the same page but I still know for a fact that this game is over and we should have ended the game right here and there.”

Ceb added that OG delayed the high ground push, and when they did, they found Collapse taking SumaiL near the tier four towers of Spirit using Skewer. As a result of being chain stunned by a myriad of spells, SumaiL was killed two times. Although Ceb did not point out names, he said it was "illegal" that Collapse, who has no Buyback, was able to make that play.

Ceb was disheartened when he found SumaiL had used BKB shortly before dying the first time, thus he didn't have it when he respawned due to Aegis. “You guys are just making me go through the pain man…It’s super hard to watch guys. It’s painful,” he said.

A few minutes later into this first game, Ceb criticized himself for his item choice on Dark Seer, saying that he "hated" TI10 and that the defeat against Spirit made him retire from the game.

“What am I buying? I bought Aeon Disk. I mean even this feels so bad just because I get jumped because we are not jumping. Oh this TI, I hate this TI. This TI actually made me…these games actually made me quit actually. I hate these games, they are so bad.”

As Ceb pointed out on livestream, OG failed to push the high ground a second time despite knowing the way to counter Spirit, and that caused the final nail in the coffin in the first game.

“Surely, we are not going to let this happen a second time, right? We are going to be ready. Nope. Never mind. Thank you guys for this amazing experience. Rewatching this, I feel good now. I feel better than ever. Pain. P A I N, Pain. This game was such a free win.”

After losing the first game, OG was defeated rather convincingly in the second one, getting eliminated in 7th-8th place and losing the chance to win three TIs in a row.

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