BTS Pro Series S10 to feature some of the top teams in SEA and the Americas


BTS Pro Series Returns to Southeast Asia and the Americas With Its 10th Season

Rakshak Kathuria
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BTS has returned with its Pro Series for the tenth season with events to be hosted in Southeast Asia and the Americas region.
There will be two phases to the BTS Pro Series S10, from 5th Feb to 6th March 2022. There is a prize pool of $100,000 USD.
Some of the best teams like T1, Quincy Crew, and 4 Zoomers have received direct invites to the event.

February 2022 might seem a little bleak with the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) only having six days of Dota 2 action in the form of the regional finals. But, Beyond the Summit (BTS) has returned with the tenth season of its Pro Series to fill in the void. BTS announced on Twitter that the tenth edition of the Pro Series will begin on 5th Feb 2022 in Southeast Asia (SEA) and the Americas. The event, which boasts a prize pool of $100,000 USD, runs until 6th March, in two phases featuring some of the top teams from SEA and the Americas.

BTS Pro Series S10 to feature some of the top teams in SEA and the Americas

“#BTSProSeries 10 is coming to SEA and the Americas THIS weekend,” the tournament organization announced on Twitter.

SEA division

The SEA division of the tournament begins its first phase on 6th Feb with a total of eight teams being invited:

  1. Lilgun

  2. Team M Y

  3. Kobolds

  4. Ragdoll

  5. Army Geniuses

  6. Yangon Galacticos

  7. Polaris Esports

  8. Motivate.Trust Gaming

Phase 1 runs for three days, wrapping up on 8th Feb.

There will be a break over the next week in which the Regional Finals will be held from 11th to 13th Feb in the SEA region. After the break, the BTS Pro Series will return for its second phase on 14th Feb and run until 28th Feb. Three teams have been invited to Phase 2: OB.Neon, Execration, and T1.

The fact that T1 is a direct invitation is notable because none of the other three teams competing in the Regionals - Fnatic, Team SMG, or BOOM Esports - are a part of this event yet.

Americas division

A total of eight teams have received direct invites to play in the Americas division of the BTS Pro Series S10, which begins on 5th Feb.

  1. Simply TOOBASED

  2. APU Kings of Kings

  3. The Cut

  4. Lava

  5. Team Dogchamp

  6. Hokori

  7. Arkosh Gaming

  8. Infinity

Phase 1 will come to a close on 9th Feb.

As with the SEA region, phase 2 will take place from 14th to 28th Feb in the Americas. However, a total of five teams have been invited directly to phase 2 in the Americas: Wildcard Gaming, Thunder Predator, Infamous, 4 Zoomers, and Quincy Crew. From these five teams, only Wildcard Gaming will not be competing in its Regional Final.

For the South American region, the Regional Finals will take place from 11th to 13th Feb; for the North American region, the finals will take place from 18th to 20th Feb. Furthermore, APU Kings of Kings, which is part of Phase 1, is a part of the South American Regional Finals.

Several teams from both the Southeast Asian and the Americas regions are expected to have changed rosters during the competitive offseason. So it will be interesting to see if teams that are competing in this event arrive with altered rosters. Further details regarding the BTS Pro Series S10's schedule, broadcast, and format are likely to be announced soon.

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