BOOM Esports Slays Talon Esports to Finish Atop SEA DPC Tour 3

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BOOM Esports wins SEA DPC Tour 3: Division 1</p></div>
BOOM Esports wins SEA DPC Tour 3: Division 1


BOOM Esports

BOOM Esports defeated Talon Esports 2-1 in the tiebreaker of the SEA DPC 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1 to finish on top of the league.
Talon won the first game of the series after an intense 60-plus minute battle. BOOM, on the other hand, returned to its comfort choices and aggressive tactics to defeat Talon 2-1.
As it stands, there will be three representatives from the SEA heading to PGL Arlington Major: BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, and Fnatic.

By winning the tiebreaker by a score of 2-1, BOOM Esports avenged its solitary loss to Talon Esports during the Southeast Asia (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Tour 3: Division 1. As a result, BOOM is now the Tour 3 Division 1 winner, taking home $30,000 USD and the invaluable 500 DPC points. It was a dramatic start to the series as both teams gave their all in a 63 minute enthralling game one. With some signature picks and aggressive gameplay, BOOM then rebounded strongly in the next two games to overwhelm Talon. Talon finishes second and wins $28,000 and 300 DPC points.

BOOM Esports vs Talon Esports: Match recap and highlights


Game 1 was one of the most entertaining games of the SEA DPC Tour 3. There was a lot of action since the teams were eager to fight with one another. After numerous teamfights, both teams were able to obtain kills and extract something significant. Throughout the game, no team had a significant lead in kills or networth. Despite the fact that BOOM was able to grab multiple Roshans, Talon held its own to win in 63 minutes. Mikoto and Q, who were spectacular on Ember Spirit and Tiny respectively, deserved a lot of credit for the victory.

In game 2, BOOM brought out its Kunkka Mirana combination, which has previously worked out well for the squad. Furthermore, the squad had also drafted formidable lanes. This allowed the squad to be the aggressor from the get go, while Talon's draft, which was relatively greedier, relied on largely evading opposing movements. However, BOOM continued to score kills and, with improved farming efficiency, cruised to a game one victory in 35 minutes.

In game 3, both teams chose comfort heroes. It began passively, with heroes prioritizing their farms and waiting for item timings. Mikoto had won the midlane on Batrider against Yopaj's Void Spirit, but as the game went, it was Yopaj who was able to make moves and earn kills for his side. Talon was back on the defense, and when it opted to teamfight, its heroes were not as powerful as BOOM's, causing it to fall farther behind. BOOM's meticulous play culminated in a 37-minute win for the squad.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Despite both BOOM and Talon already receiving direct invites to the PGL Arlington Major, this was an extremely important series for both teams as the winner would earn 200 points, propelling it forward in the race for direct invites for The Internationa l11. With the win, BOOM is now in a very solid position to secure the direct invite.

In the last few months, BOOM had lost its spark, however, it has appeared to have found its rhythm again this season, and will be a formidable opponent in the Major.

Meanwhile, Talon did really well this season with a mostly defensive gameplay style. In this tiebreaker series, BOOM demonstrated how to deal with such a style, and Talon will be aware of this in preparing for the Major.

As it stands, there will be three representatives from the SEA heading to PGL Arlington Major: BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, and Fnatic.

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