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BOOM Esports Shuts Down Unsettled T1 With Ease in SEA DPC 2021/22

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BOOM Esports took down T1 with a 2-0 scoreline in the SEA DPC 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1 and registered its fifth series win of the season.
BOOM now leads the points table and has tiebreakers secured for one of the three PGL Arlington Major places. On the other hand, T1's chances of making it to the Major are very slim now.
T1 will next play against Polaris Esports while BOOM shall go up against Fnatic on 9th July.

When BOOM Esports and T1 battled in the Southeast Asia (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1, the clash was not as competitive as some of their previous matches as the former looked to be the better squad in every aspect. To attain this 2-0 series victory, BOOM had well-balanced drafts which were backed up by flawless execution and stellar teamfighting. As a team with a patchy season, T1 again disappointed in the series, registering its third loss in its fifth series. Meanwhile, BOOM continues to impress, scoring its fifth win of the season.

BOOM Esports vs T1: Match recap and highlights


In game 1, T1 put itself at a disadvantage due to a lackluster draft which lacked stuns and was thus unable to make many plays. BOOM, on the other side, selected a stable draft with several of its players playing on comfort heroes. BOOM took advantage of T1's inability to make plays by taking one kill after another. Heroes were dying all across the map for T1, and after 31 minutes, when it had given away 35 kills but only taken five of its opponents, it tapped out of the game.

In game 2, T1 picked up superior lane matchups, but a draft that lacked control and stuns overall yet again. It performed admirably in the early phases of the game, notably in shutting down JaCkky's Ursa. When it came to teamfights, though, BOOM had the advantage of the simplicity of execution, and its players were genuinely top notch when it came to spellcasting. T1 was always jumped on since its draft lacked the ability to initiate or interrupt teamfights. As a result, it always lost one hero at the start and had to basically play a 4v5 teamfight. BOOM won in 42 minutes thanks to a convincing game two teamfight performance.


Here are some highlights of the series.

BOOM has seemingly leaned more towards the heroes its players are comfortable with rather than outright focusing on the meta heroes in recent games. As Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer noted during his post-game interview, the team was focusing on comfort now. In the past, Mars, Kunkka, Rubick, and Ember Spirit heroes had helped the team achieve a great deal of success, and they may just allow them to return to the top.

BOOM currently leads the points table and has tiebreakers secured for one of the three Major places.

T1 is still having a difficult season. While the level of drafting has suffered, the team's individual players have also not been in top form. The slower-paced playstyle, which lets the squad be on the defensive early on and then come back forcefully with faultless teamfight execution, has not been as effective as in previous seasons. T1's prospects of competing at the PGL Arlington Major are currently extremely bleak.

BOOM will next play against Fnatic while T1 goes up against Polaris Esports on 9th July.

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