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BOOM Esports Secures Stockholm Major 2022 Spot With Fifth Consecutive DPC Series Win

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BOOM Esports secured a spot in the upcoming ESL One Stockholm Dota 2 Major after winning its fifth series in a row in the SEA DPC 2021-22 Tour 2: Division 1.
BOOM Esports defeated Fnatic 2-1 in a surprisingly close series.
Fnatic and BOOM have secured two out of the three spots in the SEA region for the Stockholm Major.

BOOM Esports continues its hot streak in the Southeast Asia (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021-22 Tour 2: Division 1, securing its fifth consecutive series victory, and more importantly, a spot in the upcoming ESL One Stockholm Dota 2 Major. With a score of 2-1, BOOM defeated Fnatic, a team that had been undefeated in Tour 2 up until this match up. The first two games of the series witnessed great tussling between BOOM and Fnatic until BOOM absolutely blew Fnatic away in the third game to claim the series.

Having secured a spot at the Major, both of these teams are currently 5-1 and may need to fight it out in a Tiebreaker to determine for the top spot in the league.

BOOM Esports vs Fnatic: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 saw both teams play very passively, concentrating on getting stronger on their cores. There were few kills but BOOM’s heroes were much more efficient on the map, establishing a 5k lead just 14 minutes into the game. The game looked set to be won by BOOM in the middle stages until Fnatic turned the tide with remarkable spellcasting and target prioritization. Jabz was particularly accurate with his usage of spells on Legion Commander and it took Fnatic only a couple of teamfight wins to end the game in 34 minutes.

In game 2, Fnatic picked a core duo of a mid Huskar and a carry Lone Druid. The laning stage was relatively quiet for both teams, but once they picked their items, skirmishes broke out. A crucial teamfight that broke around the 17 minute mark saw BOOM outplay Fnatic to secure four important kills. With this teamfight win, BOOM took control of the game and with Yopaj’s Ember Spirit, it meticulously moved from one spot to another. Fnatic’s draft was not able to play from a disadvantage and lost the game in 33 minutes.

Game 3 was a stomp by BOOM. The team came up with a clear strategy by selecting Medusa in the first phase and choosing four heroes that could give her the necessary space. Fnatic picked a couple of counters to Medusa, but BOOM provided its execution was as good as its draft. It was a stellar performance from BOOM from the get-go, which led to a 22 minute win.


Here are some highlights of the series.

BOOM has proven its dominance over SEA's best teams, defeating T1 and Fnatic in its last two series. During the past six months, it has been in excellent form, destroying every team that stands in its way, whether at a regional or international level. Even though BOOM's victories over T1 and Fnatic did not come in the most dominant manner, the team held its own in difficult moments and prevailed when it mattered.

Meanwhile, Fnatic drops a series in Tour 2, and it has come at the hands of the strongest team in the region. Following superb teamfight execution in the first game that helped it go 1-0 up, Fnatic had a chance to seal the series in the second game, but couldn't do so.

BOOM and Fnatic both have one series left. Fnatic will play T1 on 20th April while BOOM plays Team SMG on 21st April. Furthermore, there is one Major spot left for the SEA region, and T1, Polaris Esports, and Team SMG remain the contenders. The Stockholm Major will be held from 12th to 22nd May 2022.

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