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BOOM Esports Incurs Technical Defeat in DPC SEA Tour 2 Opener

Rakshak Kathuria
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In the opening series of the DPC Tour 2, BOOM Esports suffered a 2-0 defeat against Nigma Galaxy SEA on technical grounds.
BOOM Esports had been given a certain amount of time before each game to make adjustments, but was unable to do so in time and thus had to forfeit the series.
Gary Ongko, CEO of BOOM Esports, said that a blackout ensued due to an electricity outage, followed by the difficulty of getting cabs to the internet cafe led to the team being late for the cutoff time by just a few minutes.

BOOM Esports suffered a 2-0 defeat due to technical difficulties in its opening series of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 Tour 2: Division 1 against Nigma Galaxy SEA. Before the series began, it was discovered that BOOM Esports was suffering from an electricity outage. A limited amount of time was given to the team to make adjustments, but unfortunately, this was not possible, which led to a technical loss. Following the official announcement of the series result, Gary Ongko, the organization's CEO, wrote in a Twitlonger post that the players had managed to reach an internet cafe but missed the deadline by a few minutes and were ruled out with a technical defeat.

BOOM Esports forced to forfeit DPC SEA Tour 2 series against Nigma Galaxy SEA due to technical issues

Before BOOM Esports’ debut series in Tour 2 could get underway, the team ran into a critical issue and suffered an electricity outage. The team was given half an hour to figure it out but was unable to do so, which resulted in a game one loss. Before the second game, more time was given to the team but it could not show up in time, which led to the whole series being lost on technical grounds.

As Ongko summarized in his Twitlonger post, the team suffered not only from power issues but also logistic problems.

According to Ongko, it started raining heavily in the area where BOOM Esports is currently bootcamping in the Philippines, a few hours before the series. A blackout ensued and when the team decided to head to a cyber cafe it was difficult to find cabs. The only cab available only took two players because of the pandemic protocols, he added. After the whole team had finally gathered at the cafe, they were ready to play, but unfortunately, a Dota 2 update on the cyber cafe PCs took extra time, causing the team to miss the cutoff time.

Ongko said they searched for car rentals, but they were not available. The community had been saying that a generator could have helped, but Ongko clarified that the internet in their area was also disrupted by the power outage. To avoid this from happening again, he asked any drivers near their bootcamp to contact him so that he may contact them in such a situation.

Ongko also simultaneously gave updates about the BOOM Esports situation

In February 2022, T1 had also been affected by the weather in the Philippines during the grand finals of the Regional Finals. Karl "Karl" Matthew Baldovino, T1's midlaner, experienced connection issues playing from his location, posing to be so problematic that a stand-in had to be brought in for the team for game four of the series. T1 had eventually lost the grand final 3-1. After this incident, the whole Dota 2 squad of T1 was relocated to a location in the Philippines, and business internet was installed.

As BOOM Esports loses its first series, Nigma Galaxy, who had lost against Polaris Esports in its opening series in the event, gains its first victory. The SEA DPC Tour 2 Division 1 looks full of competitive teams and it will be interesting to see how this technical defeat for BOOM Esports, the favorite against Nigma Galaxy SEA and the strongest team going into the event, alters the future direction of the points table.

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