Blitz Lauds BetBoom Team As One of the Most Talented Teams in Dota 2


Blitz Calls BetBoom Team One of the Most Talented Teams in Dota 2

Dorjee Palzang
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Team Liquid's coach Blitz revealed that he thinks BetBoom Team is perhaps one of the most talented teams in Dota 2.
He said the BetBoom Team players were all individually talented.

After clean sweeping Azure Ray at BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai, Team Liquid’s coach William "Blitz" Lee engaged in a candid interview on Russian Dota 2 streamer Aleksandr "Nix" Levin's channel. During this interview, Blitz talked about 33’s role as the team captain, anticipation for the upcoming BetBoom Team vs Team Liquid match, and what he thinks of himself as a coach. The interview gave us insight into the workings of professional Dota 2 teams and Blitz’s opinion on Liquid’s upcoming rival, BetBoom Team.

He was all praise for BetBoom Team and its players, as he held the team in high regard.

Probably the Most Talented Dota Team,” Says Blitz

On 15th February, Team Liquid’s coach engaged in an interview on Russian Dota 2 streamer Nix. He talked about BetBoom Team and called it “probably the most talented Dota team.” 

He further added, “I think that individually skilled, they’re so good. I think they’re pretty nice guys. I'm surprised. Everyone is pretty nice. I think they really like to farm, we really like to farm. I think we’ll see some farming games, maybe some ultra-late games or something like that but I think we match up pretty good against them. We have a pretty good record against them.

In 2023, Team Liquid faced BetBoom Team five times throughout the year. In these five instances, Team Liquid won twice, drew twice, and lost once against BetBoom Team.

On the topic of Neta "33" Shapira being the captain, Blitz revealed that 33 was a competent leader despite being the latest addition to the team. However, there was a slight problem initially because the team had to listen and do the things the captain wanted.

Team Liquid players eventually eased into the play style of 33. Blitz specifically pointed out he liked the attitude of 33 and gave a scenario when the rest of Team Liquid warned 33 of Gaimin Gladiators being a strong competition but he brushed it off, calling Gaimin a bad team.

On the other hand, Blitz said that, as a coach, he is not too good at the game but he is pretty objective and good with drafting. Blitz also said that he’s good at keeping the players from getting too excited after wins and too distraught after losses in tournaments to ensure stable or good performance from the team. Praising his team, he said Team Liquid might do well without a coach too because the players are just that talented.

Now, Team Liquid is set to face BetBoom Team in the lower bracket finals of BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai. This best-of-three series will determine whether or not Team Liquid makes the grand final of the tournament against Team Falcons.

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