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Black^ Recalibrates Immortal Account to Crusader After Patch 7.33

Rakshak Kathuria
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Dota 2 pro player Dominik "Black" Reitmeier met with a surprise outcome after recalibrating MMR on one of his Immortal accounts in the new 7.33 patch.
Black^ was placed in the Crusader bracket from the first recalibration game and ended up with 3,244 MMR despite winning 17 of 18 games.
Since more ranked games will develop a greater Rank Confidence in the new MMR system and a better knowledge of the player's talents, Black^ may be able to return to Immortal shortly.

It is not uncommon for new patches in Dota 2 to introduce some unprecedented changes and sometimes bugs, and with the latest 7.33 patch being one of the biggest in recent times, some lapses should not be unexpected. In patch 7.33, the matchmaking system has undergone a dramatic overhaul, and Dota 2 professional player Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier noticed a puzzling interaction when recalibrating MMR on one of his Immortal accounts. Playing on the account for a very long time, Black^ queued up in Crusader games straightaway and ended up with 3,244 MMR despite winning 17 of 18 recalibration games.

Black^ recalibrates to Crusader as a result of the new matchmaking update in patch 7.33

In the new matchmaking system, Valve has added Rank Confidence, which represents Valve's confidence in a player's current MMR or rank. Because of this, all accounts have gone into recalibration mode, and Black^ was completely baffled by what he received even after stomping in the games.

“Just look at this. All these games. I played - how many games…18 games. I won 17 and lost one. My first game that I played for recalibration was Crusader II. I don’t know what MMR that is, I am guessing 2.5. So, in 17 wins and one loss, while stomping this hard and I made about 600 MMR.”

His Twitch chat viewers began to question whether the account he was playing on was actually an Immortal account, so Black provided them with the match history.

“And here guys, this is the last match before recalibration. Just so you guys believe me I was Immortal (shows an Immortal teammate in the last match before recalibration). If I scroll further down, there are a couple more Immortal players. There, rank 900. So, I am not kidding when I said this account was rank 300-400.”

As he sighed, Black^ talked about what might be an exhausting journey back to the top. In his opinion, the new recalibration system was a “joke”, and he deserves at least to be Divine after all these games.

When asked if he would recalibrate again, Black^ wasn't interested in doing so, and when he checked his settings, he found he wasn't eligible because he already had recalibrated in the past.

It is possible, however, for players with more ranked games to have higher Rank Confidence since Valve has more information regarding their skills. Also, similar instances have occurred previously, and players were not kept in lower ranks for long periods of time, regaining their original positions within a short period of time.

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