Snowball Bug In Diretide Causes Game To Crash


Beware of the Snowball Bug In Diretide That Causes Game To Crash

Ammar Aryani
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Following the recent release of the Battle Pass: Part II update, many saw that the game had several issues.
However, it was discovered that a small number of players have been abusing the Snowball mount mechanic in the Diretide game mode.
At the time of writing, Valve has increased the cooldown of the mount summon mechanic to prevent the issue from happening again.

The 2022 edition of Diretide was released alongside the second part of the Battle Pass earlier this week. Players have been looking around for ways to optimize their playstyle and have discovered quite a significant bug in the Diretide game mode as a result. The bug in question was the constant spamming of the Snowball mount which resulted in the game crashing.

While the bug seemed harmless at first as it does not affect the actual gameplay, it turned out to be a critical issue for the players that just wanted to play the game mode as players crashed the game, ruining it for their peers.

Diretide mount causes games to crash

After the conclusion of The International 2022 (TI11), Valve released the second part of the Battle Pass which included the return of the Diretide game mode as well as other features. While the return of Diretide was good for the scene as it allowed players to cool down during the off-season, it seems that a small majority of the player base have found ways to ruin it for others.

For those unfamiliar with the Diretide, it is a game mode where players harness Roshan's strength to destroy the enemy team's Taffy Wells. However, this year saw the addition of mounts in the game, where players could ride either a penguin, ogre seal, snowball or a frosted toad.

As first reported by, the critical bug abuse was spotted in the Diretide game mode itself. The bug will occur when players are piling up the “Snowballs” mount, which in return will cause Dota 2 to stagger and then eventually force the game to completely crash. This will then give abusers a default win, as players could not reconnect into the game.

According to Reddit user Secure-Conclusion145 who discovered the bug, he mentioned that the players abusing the bug had high MMR ratings. He also noted that these players were somehow able to spam the “Snowball” mount without disappearing, which in return caused the issue.

As of now, Valve has temporarily fixed the issue by increasing the cooldown of the mount summon mechanic to prevent the bug abuse.

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