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Battle Pass: Part II Has Been Released Along with Diretide Event

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Following the conclusion of the 2021/2022 DPC season, Valve has released its long-awaited TI11 Battle Pass: Part II.
The second part of the Battle Pass features the Diretide Event, amongst other features.
The Battle Pass is available in three different purchase options, or players could get one for free from the TI11 Swag Bag.

Valve has finally released its second part of The International 2022 (TI11) Battle Pass today following the conclusion of the 2021/2022 DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) season. The second part of the Battle Pass features the remaining items that the first part was missing, such as the second Immortal Treasure, Crystal’s Maiden hero persona and more. However, the Razor Arcana is still yet to be released.

With the professional scene now coming to a halt for the off-season, here’s the run-down of what the second part of the TI11 Battle Pass has to offer:

Diretide makes a return

The annual Dota 2 event of Diretide makes a return to the game, although the event now has a slight change to its gameplay. The main objective of the event remains the same for players. They are to harness Roshan's strength to destroy the enemy team's Taffy Wells. However, the players had to recover Taffy from greevilous taffy thieves while also riding a trusty mount ranging from a penguin to a frog.

Players will then earn rewards in the form of a Candy Sack, which they could exchange for rewards in the Candyworks & Treasure Emporium.

Sithil and Quirt's Candyworks & Treasure Emporium

Players that earned Candy Sacks can trade in candy they've gained from the Battle Pass, or any you gain from playing games and recycling treasures, to claim all sorts of items. The rewards could vary from couriers, limited hero sets, an Arcana or even a custom Roshan skin should players get lucky.

Sithil and Quirt's Candyworks & Treasure Emporium


Players can replenish their stock of Candy Sack by playing matches or the Diretide game mode itself. However, players could only get a maximum of 5 candy per week. If a player is lacking a certain type of candy, they can exchange for a specific piece of candy.

Conduit of the Blueheart Crystal Maiden Persona

One of the many long awaited rewards by the community, the Crystal Maiden Persona features the hero in a totally different way. The Persona replaces the original model of the hero with an ageless wolf avatar, with the feature of being accompanied by a wolf pup, similar to the Arcana.

The persona is now available for all players once they reach level 148 on the Battle Pass.

Immortal Treasure 2

The second Immortal Treasure of the Battle Pass featured a bunch of new cosmetics for the following heroes:

  • Broodmother

  • Huskar

  • Necrophos

  • Dark Seer

  • Dragon Knight

  • Disruptor (Rare)

  • Huskar & Necrophos (Golden Immortal versions)

  • Queen of Pain

Cave Johnson Announcer Pack

The announcer pack was revealed as a surprise to the Dota 2 community during the TI11 Finals Weekend. While many expected a Kaci Aitchison & Siractionslacks announcer pack, the delay in production saw Gabe Newell called in a favor from Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science.

For those unfamiliar with the character background in general, Cave Johnson is a fictional character from the Portal game franchise. The character is voiced by none other than famous actor, J.K Simmons who is well known for his roles in the Spiderman movies amongst other things.

Along with the second part of the Battle Pass release, all of the other stuff such as custom versus screens, shader effects, new taunts for certain heroes and more were announced. You can find all the details about the Battle Pass HERE.

Players can purchase the Battle Pass at several different levels, starting with the basic pass, which is priced at $9.99. There are two other variants that are also available, where you can buy 50 levels for $29.35 or 100 levels for $44.99. However, players can now grab a Level 1 Battle Pass for free thanks to The International 2022 Swag Bag, along with a free Arcana of their choosing and a month of Dota Plus subscription.

You can purchase the Battle Pass here, or inside the Dota 2 game client.

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