Ballantine’s collaborates with Dota 2


Ballantine’s Launches Exclusive Dota 2 Themed Whisky Bottles in China

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Scottish whisky maker Ballantine's has released Dota 2 themed whisky bottles in China as part of a partnership with Dota 2 for its tenth anniversary.
The two bottles are in Radiant and Dire colors and showcase popular heroes such as Juggernaut, Lina, Monkey King, Marci, and Brewmaster.
Ballantine's also released a short video as part of the collaboration.

As part of a collaboration with Dota 2 on its tenth anniversary, Scottish whisky brand Ballantine's has released Dota 2 themed whisky bottles in China. Ballantine's dedicated a page on its website that discusses this partnership with Dota 2, revealing the two bottles are limited editions featuring iconic heroes from the game's universe. Ballantine's also released a short video showcasing some of the heroes from the game in search of whisky. Earlier this month, the whisky brand announced its partnership with Tundra Esports as the official spirit partner for The International 2023.

Ballantine’s collaborates with Dota 2

“To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dota 2, we have teamed up with the iconic game to celebrate its community and the gamers within it,” Ballantine’s wrote.

In the short video released as part of the collaboration, Dota 2 heroes go on a quest to gather runes that will allow them to get their hands on a dram of Ballantine's.

The collaboration's most notable feature is the Dota 2 themed bottles in Radiant and Dire colors, which features popular heroes such as Juggernaut, Lina, Monkey King, Marci, and Brewmaster. However, these bottles will only be available in China.

Ballantine's Dota 2 themed bottles

This full-fledged engagement with Dota 2 follows the brand's previous collaboration with Tundra Esports a few weeks ago. Ballantine's joined the teams on its road to The International 2023 by being present on its jersey. While Tundra was the defending champion and was expected to be a strong contender again this year, the team finished 13th-16th despite topping the group.

As Tundra Esports now finds itself eliminated from the event, it remains to be seen if Ballantine's will continue to be a sponsor for the reigning world champions.

Dota 2 is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and on 17th Aug, 2023, the game began a unique event in which winning a Dota game rewarded the players a "commemorative treasure containing one of thirteen special items tied to each of Dota’s storied years."

The event was originally scheduled to end on 7th Sept 2023, however it was later extended until 18th Sept.

However, the community's reaction to this celebration was varied. While many players applauded the acknowledgment the game's long-standing presence from Valve, a significant group was also dissatisfied with the extent of the celebration.

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