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Aui_2000 Says Tundra's Future Seems Uncertain

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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With The International 2023 done and dusted, teams across multiple regions are staring at a very busy off season.
With the roster changes already in high gear, Tundra Esports' coach Aui_2000 shared an interesting perspective about the team.

With The International 2023 (TI12) ending with a bang and with Team Spirit lifting the coveted Aegis of Champions, a lot of people assumed that there would be nothing else to follow. However, the real action begins right after the end of TI with teams, across regions, scrambling to put together a roster that will end up winning it all in the upcoming season.

Dota 2 teams and organizations are already making roster changes. In the next few months, the community will be treated to numerous and exciting roster changes.

With the offseason in full swing and with Tundra having such a disappointing run at TI12, the looming question was about the longevity of the current roster. Tundra's coach Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling commented on the team's disastrous performance and also about the future of the team in Tundra's latest vlog.

Aui_2000 Talks About Tundra's Uncertain Future Post TI12

One of the teams, going into TI12, that had so much hype surrounding it was Tundra Esports, the defending champion. However, the team had a disappointing showing at the tournament. After losing the seeding decider to nouns in the group stage phase 2, Tundra dropped down to the lower bracket playoffs. Later on, the team had a shocking exit after losing to Entity.

In the latest vlog titled "What Happened at TI12? | Tundra Esports Documentary," which was released on 1st November, Tundra wrote, "Our Final Documentary takes us through the trials and tribulations of The International 12. See first hand our players thoughts and actions through the group stage to lower bracket knockout."

Tundra coach Aui_2000 talked about what went wrong at TI12 playoffs and also touched upon what the future holds for Tundra's playing five.

He noted that the main reason the team lost to Entity was that it played Dota carelessly. He added that Tundra made unforced errors even though it had a game plan and practiced a lot as per discussions.

Aui_2000 noted that mistakes occur when the players are not in their best mental form and noted that the pressure starts to ramp up. He summed, "We just weren't good at Dota today."

Talking about what lies ahead in the future for Tundra, Aui_2000 noted, "After our loss to Entity, the future is sort of uncertain in Dota as always. After TI, no one knows if there will be a reshuffle, if people will want to continue playing together and stuff like this. The talk after we lost was just everything say how thankful they are for the last two years of working together."

He said that it was the best time of their lives. Despite having ups and downs and stressful moments and setbacks, the players are grateful for all that happened during their time at Tundra, confidently said Aui_2000.

Despite this seeming uncertainty, fans of Tundra will soon see announcements from the team regarding its plan for the 2024 season. Tundra will look to bounce back from a difficult TI and go back to its winning ways in the coming competitive season.

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