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Aui_2000 "Kicked" From Arkosh Gaming After TI10 NA Qualifiers Loss

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Former TI5 winner, Aui_2000 has been "kicked" by SirActionSlacks' team, Arkosh Gaming.
The popular NA organization, Arkosh Gaming was eliminated from the TI10 NA Qualifier before it decided to remove Aui_2000 from the roster.

Former The International 5 winner, Aui_2000, was apparently “kicked” from Arkosh Gaming after losing the NA Qualifier. A few hours after Arkosh Gaming dropped from the TI10 NA Qualifier, the organization posted a statement via Twitter regarding Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling's performance and his removal from the team. The tweet was written in a cheeky tone and is not supposed to be taken at face value, considering the nature of Arkosh Gaming. According to the tweet, they have parted ways with Aui_2000 due to his "poor performance" and "his inability to secure them an easy TI10 invite". The statement also mentioned how they are "happy to be rid of him."

AUI_2000 Responds to Arkosh Gaming’s Tweet

As soon as Arkosh Gaming’s statement went public, Aui_2000 responded via Twitter and expressed his "relief". He confirmed that he was officially kicked from Arkosh Gaming's roster and closed his tweet with a "thank God I'm out".

Who is Arkosh Gaming?

Arkosh Gaming is a North American Dota 2 team created by Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner, a very popular Dota 2 personality. This team was made with an aim of increasing viewership in the NA pro scene thus explaining its vibrant presence on social media. The organization features a Satanic cult theme, with a catchphrase: “Awaken” which has put them under the spotlight in the NA region. It has also taken serious efforts to keep its five man lineup anonymous with its team usually playing under pseudonyms.

Who is AUI_2000?

The Canadian Dota 2 player, Aui_2000 is well-known for his grand achievement of winning The International 5 under Evil Geniuses’ banner. As a position 4 player, he brought great impact to the team thus becoming the first Canadian player to win a TI and also the first NA team to claim the championship. Soon after, he was removed from the team and was replaced by Artour “Arteezy” Babaev. Recently more active in the broadcast talent, Aui_2000 had put a halt on his competitive career. Arkosh Gaming acquired him just before the TI10 NA Qualifier and it was his first competitive experience in months.

Arkosh Gaming had quite an impressive run in TI10’s NA Qualifiers, winning two series in the Lower Bracket where they defeated both felt and D2 Hustlers. Unfortunately, the team dropped two games in their series against Black N Yellow, resulting in their elimination from the qualifier.

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