NA Pro Players Are Not Happy With Arkosh Gaming

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Dota 2 personalities including Sammyboy and Moonmeander have questioned Arkosh Gaming's anonymity as they felt that it gave the team an undue competitive advantage.
  • According to them, Arkosh could swap players in the middle of a tournament and no one would know and also the opponents of the team did not know the competitive history of their players since their identity has remained secret.
  • SirActionSlacks stated that tournaments organizers and Valve knew who these players were as well as their IP addresses so they could not swap players.

The mystery team formed by popular Dota 2 host, Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner, Arkosh Gaming, has come under fire for not revealing the identity of their players. Dota 2 personalities including Moonmeander and Sammyboy have stated that such anonymity provided Arkosh Gaming’s players with an undue competitive advantage since they could hide their profiles from their competitors, dissuading them from learning about the heroes that Arkosh Gaming’s players might have used in past competitive games.

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Arkosh Gaming’s Mystery Criticized By Dota 2 Players

While everything regarding Arkosh Gaming had been about fun since its revelation in late October 2020, the team has attracted a ton of flak from Dota 2 personalities after it recently qualified to the Lower Division of the NA-DPC 2021 by winning the open qualifiers 3. 

4 Zoomers carry player, Samuel "Sammyboy" Anderson, was the first one to question Arkosh Gaming’s anonymity. He stated that the team had an unfair advantage since they could swap players in the middle of a tournament and no one would know. 

Slacks responded to this saying that if the tournament organizer and Valve had the complete information about the player’s identities and their IP addresses, there was no scope for such a player swap thing. 

Sammyboy continued to explain his point in further tweets, saying that such secrecy in identities gave them a competitive advantage in drafting since their opponents would know nothing about their playstyle. He also mentioned that all teams and players participating in the DPC had to register themselves on the DPC page but Arkosh Gaming, apparently, was an exception to it.

Dota 2 veteran, David "MoonMeander" Tan, who is competing in the NA-DPC league with a new stack, Undying, also talked about this issue. Since Arkosh Gaming’s players play from different accounts in order to safeguard their identity, MoonMeander stated that it promoted smurfing. He mentioned that such a scenario gave an impression to the community that Valve was not regulating smurfers. 

Dota 2 statsman, Noxville, also supported Sammyboy and Moonmeander’s statement, stating that it was unfair for Arkosh Gaming to know the competitive history of their opponents but their opponents had no record of what Arkosh’s players had played in the past. 

A Canadian player, Hugo "Froogoss" Araj, who is also competing in the NA-DPC league 2021 made a Twitlonger where he reiterated the points of other guys. 

To sum up, all these Dota 2 personalities now want the identities of Arkosh Gaming’s players to be revealed so that their opponents in the Lower Division of the NA-DPC 2021 know who they are and can strategize accordingly against them. Also, this will prevent the players from swapping with other unknown players. 

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Neither Beyond the Summit, the operator behind NA-DPC 2021, nor Valve has spoken about this matter at the time of writing this article. Considering Slacks mentioned that these organizations know who these Arkosh Gaming players are, it will be intriguing to see if their identity is revealed to the public, or at least to their competitors before the inception of the first season of Regional League on January 18. 

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