Arteezy Feels New Dota 2 Items Are Broken, Questions Their Release


Arteezy Feels New Dota 2 Items Are Broken, Questions Their Release

Dorjee Palzang
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During a recent Kick stream Arteezy critiqued the idea behind the release of broken items in Dota 2.
He called out the lack of tuning on these new items and noted that they make games very chaotic.

Patch 7.35 saw the release of three new items in Khanda, Parasma, and Tiara of Selemene along with other changes. During a recent Kick stream, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev called out these new and “broken” items. He questioned the idea behind releasing items without proper tuning and voiced his concerns about the imbalance and the disruption they cause to games. While some would argue that new items bring a fun factor to the game, Arteezy strongly disagreed with this take and stated he was not having any fun.

Arteezy’s Concerns About the Release of Broken Items

Prominent Dota 2 streamer and personality Arteezy raised concerns over the release of broken items in the game. He pointed out the lack of tuning on these items and noted that they make games very chaotic and unfun.

“The thing I don't understand, though, like these new items that come out, I don't feel like they're balanced at all. Like not even like 1% balanced. So I don't understand what the point of releasing them is,” he said.

Arteezy piqued his viewers with a simple question: “Anyway you can argue for the interest of fun. But is it fun if you lose to it and win to it and see it every single game?”

He further pointed out how he was winning games by utilizing the new strategies, but still not having fun in the game. “I'm not having fun I'm winning every game. I buy Solar [Crest]. I'm not having fun,” Arteezy noted.

The new Solar Crest requires no mana to use and applies 7 armor, 70 attack speed, 15% movement speed, and a 400 physical damage barrier when cast on an ally. It applies the same buffs if cast on self but without the additional 7 armor.

With the release of three new items with Patch 7.35, players have already started innovating new strategies to put to use. One such strategy that perfectly demonstrates Arteezy’s concerns is around the new item Khanda and buying Divine Rapiers. Although this build can be fun for the player using them, it is certainly a nightmare for the enemy team. 

This new strategy requires a hero with a single-point target spell to purchase Khanda. The player then needs to stack up on damage items like Divine Rapier. For those unfamiliar with Khanda, this new item does a flat 100 damage + 75% attack damage and it procs when the user casts a single targeted spell. Many videos on this strategy have started making rounds on YouTube to showcase the sheer imbalance of the item.

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