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Arteezy Explains Why the NA DPC is so Top Heavy

Rakshak Kathuria
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Following Evil Geniuses' 2-0 victory over 5RATFORCESTAFF, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev explained why the NA region is so top-heavy in Dota 2.
According to Arteezy, the region is lacking in young players that are willing to push themselves and commit time to Dota 2, a game that needs effort from any budding player.
For the last two years, only four teams - Evil Geniuses, TSM, Quincy Crew, and, to a lesser extent, nouns have dominated the NA DPC.

For the past two years, the North American (NA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) has seen Evil Geniuses, TSM (formerly Team Undying), Quincy Crew, and, to a lesser extent, nouns (previously 4 Zoomers) as the region's torchbearers with little opposition from the other teams. Evil Geniuses carry Artour "Arteezy" Babaev explained this scenario during a post-game winner’s interview, revealing why the NA region is so top heavy in Dota 2. According to Arteezy, the problem stems from American gaming culture. He said that the region lacks young players who believe in pushing themselves and investing time in Dota 2, a game that naturally requires a lot of effort from any aspiring player.

Arteezy Explains Why the NA DPC is dominated by the op

Following Evil Geniuses' 2-0 victory against 5RATFORCESTAFF in the NA DPC 2021-22 Tour 3: Division 1, Arteezy appeared for the winner's interview, where he was questioned why NA does not see a lot of new teams in the upper ranks and whether anything could be done to bring them to the top.

Arteezy believes that North Americans are less inclined to play Dota 2 as time passes due to the time commitment and learning curve. At the same time, he stated that any additional assistance, such as third-party events, may help bring more players to the forefront.

“I think it just lies in the problem of the American culture. A lot of people don’t really feel interested. The young kids, the young generation don’t really wanna invest a lot of time in Dota. I am not sure how it is like in League. Maybe it’s similar. It just seems like the longer and longer this game goes, the less North Americans are interested in playing it. So, I think that’s where the real issue lies.

I do think there would never be a bad thing to have additional support - some third party tournaments and all those things but it’s hard. There’s just a very big lack of players, a big lack of new people coming in and really wanting to push themselves to invest in this game because it’s a huge time commitment.”

According to Arteezy, the lack of NA players in the top ranks has nothing to do with the DPC format. The problem is that new players are not emerging, and the older ones are just juggling between DPC teams with lower rankings, he noted.

“I don’t think it is the (DPC) system’s fault because I think there is just a lack of new NA players coming in. It’s kind of recycled players coming in on different teams trying to form different compositions. I wouldn’t say that the system is not working. I think it’s just the infrastructure of the NA scene is kind of poor right now.”

In Tour 3, it is again only these four teams - Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, TSM, and nouns - that remain strong candidates for the two Major slots. A four win and one loss record currently puts Evil Geniuses in third place with nouns.

Arteezy and his teammates will next play against felt in their next series in the NA DPC.

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