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Ame Cosplays a Character From Genshin Impact

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Wang "Ame" Chunyu was recently observed cosplaying a character from the role-playing game Genshin Impact.
Ame donned similar clothing, as well as a wig and eye makeup similar to Tartaglia (also known as Childe) from Genshin Impact.
Ame is currently taking a break from professional Dota 2 and has decided not to participate in the DPC 2023.

Wang "Ame" Chunyu is known for his impeccable competitive Dota 2 abilities. The pro player decided not to compete in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 as he wanted to take a break. A month after this decision was announced publicly, the player seems to be having a great time off, as he was recently observed cosplaying a character from the role-playing game Genshin Impact. Ame wore a costume along with a wig reminiscent of Tartaglia (also known as Childe) from Genshin Impact. The player appeared in a video with three girls who were also cosplaying as three different characters from Genshin Impact.

Ame spends his time off competitive Dota 2 by cosplaying

The revelation that Ame will not compete in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2023 disappointed many fans worldwide, but the player has found ways to communicate with them through regular livestreaming and shenanigans like cosplaying.

Ame posted a roughly two-minute video on the video sharing site Bilibili in which he posed in various ways while dressed as Tartaglia, the character from Genshin. This player did an excellent job of presenting Tartaglia as he wore a fur coat, wig, and eye makeup. He encountered other people dressed as Genshin Impact characters cosplaying as the Raiden Shogun, Kamisato Ayaka, and Gan Yu in the second part of the video. The four exchanged gifts before sitting down to talk.

At the time of writing, the video has been played 174,000 times with over 8,000 likes.

Prior to this, Ame had also participated in promotional videos for Jissbon, a Chinese condom manufacturer and a sponsor of PSG.LGD, along with his former teammates from the organization.

Meanwhile, this is the first time, since his professional career began in 2015, that Ame has taken a break from competitive Dota 2. Although he sits on the inactive roster at PSG.LGD, it isn't clear when he will be returning to active play. The team recently rebuilt after some of his teammates left as well.

Furthermore, since the player announced his decision to take time off during long-running rumors that he would be retiring after The International 11 (TI11), it remains to be seen if he will return to competitive play at all. Fans in China, in particular, who want to see him display more brilliance during games can watch his livestreams on Bilibili, which he has been doing a lot in the last month.

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