Ame visits fire department after Asian Games victory


Ame Celebrated by Hometown Fire Department for Asian Games Victory

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Asian Games 2022 Dota 2 champion Ame was reportedly honored by his hometown's fire brigade.
Ame reportedly received recognition and support for his stellar Asian Games 2022 victory.

In what seemed to be a heartfelt display of support and appreciation for local esports talent, the Taicang City Fire Rescue Brigade reportedly hosted a reception to honor Wang "Ame" Chunyu, the Asian Games 2022 Dota 2 champion. Ame, who played the carry position for Team China in the Asian Games 2022, secured a thrilling 2-1 victory against Team Mongolia in the grand finals, clinching the gold medal for his country.

The reception serves as a testament to his significant achievements and the immense respect he has garnered in his home country as an esports star.

Ame Celebrated for His Asian Games 2022 Win

Ame was a crucial part of the national team of China that won the Dota 2 tournament in the Asian Games 2022. In this prestigious event, Ame joined his former LDG Gaming teammates after initially stating that he would not be competing in any Dota 2 tournament. As a result, fans were ecstatic to see Ame participate in Asian Games 2022.

In the grand finale of the tournament, Ame and his teammates took down Team Mongolia with a stellar performance and secured the gold medal.

Following this, recently Ame seems to have been felicitated by his hometown’s fire department. The celebratory event was reportedly hosted by the Taicang City Fire Rescue Brigade. However, the event seems to be shrouded in secrecy, with little information available about the details of what actually happened. The reception Ame received by frontline workers underlines the sentiment of pride and admiration for Ame's accomplishments within the local community.

Twitter page CN Dota in a Nutshell, which exclusively covers Chinese Dota 2 content, tweeted, “Rumor: Ame visited his hometown’s fire department.” This information was also shared by the Chinese Dota 2 blog, Dota Lightning Station. 

Notably, Ame has been on the inactive roster for LGD Gaming since December 2022. His hiatus from the professional scene has left fans eagerly awaiting his return. In the same vein, a Twitter user commented, “Bro just doing side quests at this point.

In recent weeks, rumors have swirled, fueled by a screenshot of a conversation between an unidentified individual and Pan "Ruru" Jie, the owner of LGD Gaming. In the conversation, Ruru hinted at the possibility of Ame making a comeback, further stoking the anticipation of his fans.

The support and recognition that Ame has received from both the local community and his global fanbase has been heartwarming since his victory at Hangzhou.

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