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Alliance To Host Dota 2 Tryouts Without Kicking Current Roster

Dorjee Palzang
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Alliance CEO Loda revealed that the organization plans to host tryouts in the first week of December for its Dota 2 team.
Loda made it clear that Alliance hasn't kicked any of its players from the current roster.

Alliance, the esteemed Dota 2 team immortalized in the esports scene for its triumphant victory at The International 2013 (TI3), is poised for a significant evolution. Alliance's co-owner, CEO and Team Director Jonathan "Loda" Berg took to Twitter to unveil the organization's ambitious plans to host tryouts for its Dota 2 team.

On 27th November, Loda tweeted, “We are going to be doing tryouts for @theAllianceGG Dota 2 team in the first week of December (1-7th). If you feel like you have what it takes, let us know here or DM @LeonArthurDota. All positions accepted.

Current Alliance Players Will Participate in Tryouts As Well

Dispelling any potential speculation that could arise from the tweet, Loda emphatically clarified that this initiative is not an indication of an impending revamp of the current Dota 2 roster. He underscored that no players have been ousted from the existing lineup.

However, Loda confirmed that all the existing players would be a part of Alliance's Dota 2 tryouts. This essentially means that all five members will have to fight to keep their spots on the team moving forward.

Further elucidating the organization's vision, Loda disclosed that Alliance intends to institutionalize this process, hosting tryouts twice a year.

We haven’t kicked anyone. Our existing players will also be part of this. We are still competing in tournaments. Moving forward, this is something we will be doing consistently 2 times a year,reassured Loda.

The current roster of the Alliance Dota 2 team consists of seasoned players including:

  • Charlie "charlie" Arat

  • Ng "ChYuaN" Kee Chyuan

  • Gustav "s4" Magnusson

  • Axel "Pablo" Källman

  • Simon "Handsken" Haag.

While the team failed to qualify for ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, the team is currently playing at the Pinnacle: 25 Year Anniversary Show, a Tier 2 tournament. It has a good standing in the tournament and is looking to qualify for the playoffs as the group stage concludes in two days.

Alliance's foray into hosting tryouts represents a groundbreaking opportunity for aspiring players to ascend the ranks and earn recognition within the competitive Dota 2 scene. This bold move by Alliance is poised to be a transformative step, potentially reshaping the trajectory of Dota 2 esports.

Over the years, Alliance's Dota 2 team has underwent several transformations and has been looking to build a dominant roster to live up to its glory days. It should be noted that no limitations or checks were mentioned by Loda for players to participate in the Alliance tryouts. The first tryout will happen between 1st and 7th December and those looking to participate have very limited time to sign up by messaging Loda or Team Principal Leon "Arthur" Lee.

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