9Pandas Penalized, Loses 110-Second Bonus Drafting Time in TI12 Playoffs

Dorjee Palzang
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>9Pandas Esports' new Dota 2 roster</p></div>
9Pandas Esports' new Dota 2 roster


9Pandas has been penalized with -110 seconds bonus drafting Time in TI12 playoff match
9Pandas was late to a makeup session during media day and has been fined as a result.

In an unexpected turn of events, renowned esports team 9Pandas has been hit with a Level 3 penalty at The International 2023 (TI12). This penalty equates to a significant 110-second reduction in its bonus drafting time for an upcoming match against Chinese team LGD Gaming in the playoffs. The penalty was imposed by the event organizers for the team's tardiness during makeup preparation on one of the media days. 9Pandas promptly shared this news through an official announcement on its Telegram channel.

9Pandas Penalized for Being Late for Makeup

The statement released by 9Pandas read, "We share unpleasant news. By the decision of the organizers, we received a level 3 fine (-110 seconds of bonus time) for being late for makeup on one of the media days. While we believe that a level 2 fine would be an appropriate punishment, this decision was made jointly with Valve, and we will not challenge it. The mood for victory has only intensified!"

(Note that the post was translated from Russian to English)

The penalty is a loss of 110 seconds from its drafting time and has raised concerns among fans and analysts.

However, prominent Dota 2 personality Jake  "SirActionSlacks"  Kanner joked about the penalty that 9Pandas received. He wrote on Reddit, “I specifically requested low priority and -5000 behavior score but what can u do.

Drafting is a crucial aspect of the game. Picking and banning the right heroes strategically to build a well-rounded team composition or to counter the enemy team can define the whole outcome of the game. The loss of 110 seconds is not to be taken lightly, as it can severely impact a team's ability to craft a comprehensive and effective strategy.

9Pandas is scheduled to face off against LGD Gaming later today on 20th October (21st October SGT time) in the Upper bracket Quarterfinals. 

The decision not to challenge the penalty, as stated in 9Pandas' official announcement, implies that the team is willing to accept the consequences of its actions. It now faces the challenge of making up for the lost drafting time through swift and strategic decision-making, a test of its adaptability and composure under pressure.

9Pandas will look to summon all its expertise to craft a winning strategy in a shorter timeframe. The clash between 9Pandas and LGD Gaming seems to be promising a nail-biting affair, with both teams seeking to seize victory in the face of adversity. The winner will move on to the Upper Bracket Semi-finals whereas the loser will drop to the Lower Bracket where it will face off against the winner of Evil Geniuses vs. Gaimin Gladiators. 

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