Pakistani Dota 2 Streamer Sh1zzY Makes Xenophobic Comments Towards Indians

Pakistani Dota 2 Streamer Sh1zzY Makes Xenophobic Comments Towards Indians

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • In a Twitch broadcast on 1 June 2021, Pakistani Dota 2 streamer Shiraz "Sh1zzy" Akhter was seen hurling Xenophobic remarks and expletives at Indians.
  • His comments came after multiple viewers on his Twitch chat were toxic toward him.
  • When some of his viewers pointed out that he was being racist, he claimed it wasn't the case and that he was merely speaking facts about Indians.

In a Twitch broadcast on 1 June 2021, Pakistani Dota 2 streamer Shiraz "Sh1zzy" Akhter was seen hurling xenophobic remarks and expletives at Indians. Sh1zzy seemingly started making these comments after multiple viewers on his Twitch chat were toxic toward him. The Pakistani streamer repeatedly used some distasteful remarks against Indians while also making some disrespectful comments presumably about the capture of the Indian Air Force fighter pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan in 2019. When some of Sh1zzy’s viewers pointed out that he was being racist, he claimed it wasn't the case because he was merely speaking facts about Indians. In addition, Sh1zzy also made a series of offensive remarks against the Indian esports community. 

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Pakistani Dota 2 streamer, Sh1zzy, uses offensive language and makes xenophobic comments against the Indian community

On his livestream, Sh1zzy engaged in heated exchanges with his viewers on Twitch chat. He made some vile and xenophobic remarks against Indians, responding aggressively to hateful comments from one of his viewers. 

“Go and drink cow’s urine and when you're done, you can drink my urine,” were among the comments that he let loose on his stream. The Dota 2 streamer then challenged them to meet him in person. 

Additionally, Sh1zzy made an unsavory comment presumably directed toward Indian Air Force fighter pilot Abhinandan Varthaman who was held captive in Pakistan after his MiG-21 aircraft crashed into Pakistani territory, during the 2019 India-Pakistan standoff. Pakistan released videos and images showing Varthaman being rescued from a mob of villagers by its soldiers, receiving first aid, and being questioned while blindfolded. 

Sh1zzy’s remarks against the Indian esports community

Shi1zzy also used offensive language to malign Indian players who had competed in professional Dota 2, claiming that they had achieved nothing, while Pakistani players like SumaiL and YawaR had excelled. Later in the stream he went on to state, “Make this happen, five best players of Pakistan against five best players of India, we’ll kick your ass any day of the week, on LAN.”

Additionally, he claimed that he had taunted the Indian Dota 2 team in a bus after failing to qualify for the WESG Dota 2 games which caused the Indian team’s manager to request him not to taunt the players.

He also brought up Forsaken, the former Optic India CS:GO player who was caught hacking in the eXTREMESLAND 2018 Finals with the word.exe exploit. “He is an insult to your country, your CS:GO team was doing so good and then they just got sh*t on. Just because of one guy, your CS:GO scene is dead. Well it is already dead because of Valorant but even then your CS:GO scene got destroyed by one guy. What a F**king shame! That’s all you guys are gonna be, trashtalk(ing) people behind their backs, cheat, that’s what you are. Coming here typing sh*t in my chat, that’s what you are doing, that’s what you will ever be,” said Sh1zzy.

Sh1zzy explains why he made these comments and claims that these were not racist

Sh1zzy explained his outburst by stating that it was caused by an opponent from his recent pub game. “There is only one context to all of this, this guy (points at the opponent), some random f**k, some random-ass guy from India wins a game and starts trash talking, that’s it,” he said. 

While responding to a comment on Twitch chat Sh1zzy said that he was using the term “Indian” since the viewer he was hurling abuses at was allegedly from India. In the first game that he played on stream, Sh1zzy had lost the midlane matchup to his opponent. Following the game, a viewer that was allegedly this midlaner made some toxic comments in his Twitch chat. 

Sh1zzy claimed that the spat that occurred was not about "content", but rather about the comments of some of his viewers. He later added that the purpose of his stream was to spread positivity, but a recent surge in toxicity in his chat, which urged him to call it out. At one point, Sh1zzy also mentioned that he had to generalize his comments towards Indians because most of the Indians he had talked to, at least on that day, were the same.

In response to one of his viewers pointing out that his comments were racist, the Pakistani streamer replied by saying that he didn't care and added,

“Do you guys understand the meaning of racist? Telling you a fact is not racist. You guys do drink cow’s urine. You guys do it. It’s out there on the Internet. You want me to show it to you? You guys do it so I am just saying ‘Go and do it.’ You guys belong there. Keep drinking cow piss. That’s all. What’s racist in (saying) that? Aren’t you guys proud of it? 

I am racist as f**k? Okay, go ahead and say it. I don’t give a sh**. If you think this is racism, I don’t give a f**k, I am saying it as it is. Go and drink cow piss. Don’t type sh*t in my chat. That’s it. It’s out there. It’s an actual fact. It’s not something I am making up, I am not even trash-talking you at this point. It’s a fact. Go and do it. That’s what you guys do in India.” 

Who is Sh1zzy?

Shiraz "Sh1zzY" Akhter is a Pakistani professional Dota 2 player who has represented his country in multiple Dota 2 tournaments like WESG 2017 APAC Finals and WESG 2019 South Asia Finals. The player also streams in Urdu and English on Twitch, with a following of over 5.5K on his channel. 

Sh1zzy’s comments are against Twitch’s Hateful Conduct and Harassment guidelines. Several streamers including Overwatch streamer Fareeha Andersen have been banned temporarily for making xenophobic statements in the past. Considering that Sh1zzy is a Twitch affiliate, he may be in danger of receiving a temporary suspension from Twitch for these comments. At the time of writing, his channel is still active.

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