Cr1t- Talks About BuLba and How Evil Geniuses Drafts

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  • While talking about the crucial role of BuLba during the drafts, Cr1t also spoke about the coach's fondness for food, especially Indian cuisine.
  • Cr1t- also mentioned that the rest of the team members, excluding Fly and BuLba, refrained from speaking a lot during the drafting phase to avoid unnecessary spam.
  • Evil Geniuses are currently 2-0 in the W-L record in the NA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division and face their next opponent- Sadboys on May 3, 2021.

Evil Geniuses (EG) support Cr1t-, in the post-match winner’s interview after the 2-0 win over 4 Zoomers, talked about the role of Evil Geniuses’ coach, Kanishka 'Sam' "BuLba" Sosale, in the North American team. Andreas Franck "Cr1t-" Nielsen also spoke about the dynamics of Evil Geniuses’ drafting phase and how much input each of the team’s members, in addition to BuLba, contribute to it. EG, who had a magnificent outing at the recently concluded ONE Esports Singapore Major, is also looking in sublime form in the ongoing NA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division.

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EG Cr1t- talks about how BuLba and EG draft

Cr1t- and BuLba, two seasoned players of the game, have been a part of the Evil Geniuses group for nearly four years now, having enjoyed a considerable amount of success. BuLba’s influence in the team’s drafting strategy has always been the talking point in EG’s success over the years. Though the Indo-American is not in the bootcamp with the team at the moment, Cr1t- talked about how BuLba and Fly work together in the drafting phase. 

“No, He is not here (in the bootcamp). I mean, most of it (drafting) is him and Tal (Fly), they do all the prep and then in the draft, they make sure they stay on the same page. Like if Tal forgets something, BuLba will make sure that he remembers, like what happened in certain scenarios and stuff. So BuLba is just there to kind of keep Tal’s track, I suppose. That’s pretty much it.”

Cr1t- Talks About BuLba and How Evil Geniuses Drafts
Not only did Evil Geniuses come second at the Singapore Major, they had also been the runner-ups of the last DPC Major (DreamLeague S13) of the previous season.
Image by Adela Sznajder via DreamHack
While BuLba and Fly occupy the primary role during the drafting period, other team members occasionally chip in with their choices and understanding of the situation, Cr1t- mentioned.

“Everyone talks a little bit sometimes but we try not to… if everyone talks all the time, it’s a lot of spam, it’s a lot of clutter in the comms so most of the time, it is usually just BuLba and Tal, and Artour (Arteezy) sometimes turns in and then, me and Abed are mostly the more quiet ones. We usually just talk about our heroes and Daryl will help them if there is something he sees.”

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Cr1t- also talked about how their coach was immensely fond of food, especially about Indian cuisine. 

“I think he’s changed since the times on DC (Digital Chaos). I think he has different preferences now. I think if he was ever to choose what we order, it’s most of the time, it’s just Indian food, you know. That’s like always but I don’t know what his favorite is - in terms of burgers and stuff. He is a very food-loving person, you know. He will eat something and say that it is the best thing he has ever had and the next meal we have, he will eat something and he’ll say that it is the best thing he has ever had. So, I think he is just happy to get food.”

Cr1t- and his teammates have been looking splendid in recent times. They were placed at the top of the NA Upper Division DPC in season 1 and then had a great run at the Singapore Major, ending as the runner-ups. They are currently 2-0 in the W-L record in the DPC season 2 and face their next opponent- Sadboys on May 3, 2021.

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