Dota 2 Personalities React to Patch 7.29 and the New Hero Dawnbreaker


Dota 2 Personalities React to Patch 7.29 and the New Hero Dawnbreaker

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Dota 2 personalities and teams have put forward their first hand impressions of the 7.29 patch and the new hero, Dawnbreaker.
  • While Dawnbreaker is being discussed among the personalities, the removal of the Necronomicon item has been the actual talking point of this patch.
  • Patch 7.29 and Dawnbreaker were released by Valve in the update on April 10, 2021.

Patch 7.29 and the new hero, Dawnbreaker, are finally out and Dota 2 fans are scratching their heads to find out all possible ways of playing the game. While numerous changes to the map, the economy, the items and the heroes have led to the players chain queuing games in order to find the most broken aspects, Dawnbreaker has not lived up to the new hero expectation of being “too strong” as it surprisingly has very low win rate in pubs. Various Dota 2 personalities have put forward their initial opinions of this patch and the new hero on their social media handles. Here is a look at what they have to say.

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Dota 2 pros and teams react to the 7.29 patch and Dawnbreaker

Dota 2 host and commentator, Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner, who is a passionate Techies spammer was elated by Necronomicon's removal from the game. He also hilariously compared the models of Hoodwink and the latest hero, Dawnbreaker. 

Not only SirActionSlacks, but many fans have called Dawnbreaker to be a 'female Omniknight.'
Image Via SirActionSlacks' Twitter
T1’s offlaner, Carlo "Kuku" Palad, expressed his sadness with the removal from Necronomicon as he stated, “Lol Kuku nerfed.” 

Team Liquid’s midlaner, Max "qojqva" Bröcker, who is one of the most fearsome Broodmother players in the competitive scene, just posted a portrait of the hero.

Broodmother has overall been buffed in the update. Though she might be weak in her initial levels, Broodmother is being considered very strong in the middle and the latter stages of the game.

Na’Vi’s offlaner, Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev, tweeted, “nice patch.”

Alliance’s co-owner and coach, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, pointed out two bigger changes of the patch - the inclusion of Dawnbreaker and the exclusion of Necronomicon.

Neon Esports’ Twitter handle mentioned another important part of the game that fans have been eagerly waiting for - the Spectre Arcana. 

Dota 2 commentator, Gabriel "Lyrical" Cruz, hilariously talked about the strength of the Necronomicon item when it 'existed.'

Popular Dota 2 commentator, Austin "Capitalist" Walsh, has found Dawnbreaker to be “pretty underwhelming.”

Dawnbreaker currently has a meagre win rate of 38%. It is the if we talk about the win rate of the heroes in patch 7.29. No other hero currently has a win rate below 40%. However, it is still the first day after the release of the hero and the patch and the Dota 2 meta always takes time to develop. 

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Since the 2021 DPC Season 2 is also beginning in some days, on April 13, 2021, pros may not have the time to pick and gauge Dawnbreaker’s potential. All their focus will ideally be on discovering the most broken heroes in the patch which they can exploit to win professional matches. 

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