OB.Neon Secure Top 6 at the Singapore Major


OB.Neon Secure Top 6 at the Singapore Major

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • OB.Neon have defeated Vici Gaming 2-1 to eliminate them from the ONE Esports Singapore Major.
  • With this series win, OB.Neon have secured a top-six finish which means they will be taking home at least $25,000 USD in prize money and 300 DPC points.
  • OB.Neon's next challenge in the lower bracket will be on April 3, 2021, against Team Secret.

OB.Neon emerges stronger as they have defied all odds to secure a top-six finish at the ONE Esports Singapore Major. The Filipino squad with a Singaporean stand-in defeated Vici Gaming 2-1 in the lower bracket round 2 to knock the Chinese team out of the Major. After losing the first game, OB.Neon struck back hard to register a 2-1 reverse sweep over Vici Gaming. They will now be taking home at least $25,000 USD in prize money and 300 DPC points. A tough matchup now awaits them in the next round of the lower bracket as they will be competing against Team Secret on April 3, 2021.

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OB.Neon vs Vici Gaming: Match Recap, Highlights and Interview

Game 1 witnessed a close first 20 minutes as both teams made calculative moves. However, OB.Neon’s focus on killing old eLeVeN’s Bristleback first in the teamfights proved to be costly as they lost the crucial teamfights in the middle stages of the game. Vici Gaming, as a whole, became stronger and won the first game in 37 minutes.

Game 2 saw OB.Neon pick Puck and Nature’s Prophet for Yopaj and skem in the first phase. They also drafted a Pangolier, a Timbersaw and a Spirit Breaker which provided them with kill potential all over the map. Vici Gaming had no answers to this aggressive style as they lost the game in 36 minutes.

Game 3 was an even harder stomp by OB.Neon as they stuck to their aggressive playing style. Yopaj once again delivered an impeccable performance on Puck while stand-in, Deth, showcased his skills on Nature’s Prophet this time, helping the team take the victory in just 28 minutes.

The highlights of the series can be watched HERE.

ONE Esports Singapore Major playoffs bracket after OB.Neon's series win.
Image Via Liquipedia

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Deth mentions the strongest team in the Singapore Major currently

After the 2-1 series win over Vici Gaming, OB.Neon’s stand-in offlaner, Yang "Deth" Wu Heng, appeared in the post-match winners’ interview. While talking about the team he looks forward to playing the most, Deth stated that Evil Geniuses look like the strongest team in the Major at the moment.

“Maybe EG. They looked really really good in their games against IG so I think they are the strongest right now.”

The Singaporean player also mentioned that he was not actively involved in the team’s draft and strategy preparations and gave his inputs only when he was consulted by the captain. 

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