Gabbi Gets Interviewed by Febby on Livestream


Gabbi Gets Interviewed by Febby on Livestream

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Gabbi got interview on Febby's Twitch livestream where he answered the Korean's rapid-fire questions.
  • The TNC carry player mentioned the best position five player he has played with, his dream Dota 2 team, his favorite carry player, time spent with Clutch Gamers, and talked about a lot more.
  • Gabbi also mentioned that TNC Predator would have performed better than T1 - who were recently eliminated from the Singapore Major, if they had been able to qualify for the tournament.

Gabbi and Febby continue to engage with each other and amuse their fans with their antics on Febby’s Twitch livestream even after the Korean was released from TNC Predator’s roster on March 3, 2021. In yet another recent episode on Kim "Febby" Yong-min’s Twitch stream, Kim "Gabbi" Villafuerte gave an intriguing interview where he answered several rapid-fire questions. The TNC carry player mentioned the best position five player he has played with, his dream Dota 2 team, his favorite carry player, time spent with Clutch Gamers, and talked about a lot more. One of the most interesting portions of this conversation was Gabbi’s opinion on TNC Predator performing better than T1 at the ongoing Singapore Major if they had played at the tournament.

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Gabbi answers Febby’s quick-fire questions

Gabbi has become one of the most popular names in the SEA Dota 2 scene in the last two years, ever since he found success with TNC Predator. Before joining this team in 2018, the Filipino carry played for Clutch Gamers. 

While talking about the time with Clutch Gamers, Gabbi stated that though it was fun, it was hard in one way. He did not like the food as well as the management of the team. However, he now enjoys the food that TNC Predator provides him.

Gabbi rates the current T1 coach, Park "March" Tae-won, as the best position five player he has ever played with. Ironically, TNC parted ways with March in September 2020 after the player had led the team to their first DPC Major title in 2019. 

After March, former TNC and Fnatic support, eyyou, is the best position five player Gabbi has played with.
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The Filipino carry player then also made a dream Dota 2 team in which players from TNC Predator were excluded. 
  1. Kim "Gabbi" Villafuerte
  2. Michał "Nisha" Jankowski
  3. Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang
  4. Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka
  5. Clement "Puppey" Ivanov

Out of all the carry players in the world, Gabbi's favorite ones are Secret's Nisha, former OG's safe lane player, ana and Elephant’s Eurus. 

While TNC has been one of the most successful and formidable teams in the SEA region, it still faces some sturdy competition from other teams in the region. Gabbi mentioned that the hardest team he has faced was Fnatic - when the team played with iceiceice as its offlaner. This iteration of the Fnatic roster is likely the one in the middle of 2020 when Fnatic had won five online tournaments in a row. At the international stage, the hardest team to play against is Team Secret, though Gabbi is not very sure about it.

Ranking his past teammates, excluding the current TNC members, based on various qualities, the Filipino player believes that the best teammate is EG’s current midlaner, Abed and the most skilled teammates are Fnatic’s current captain, DJ, and again, Abed. The funniest member that Gabbi has played with is T1’s offlaner, Kuku. After iceiceice, Gabbi also finds Kuku to be the toughest offlaner to play against in the SEA region. 

The ONE Esports Singapore Major is the first DPC Major in 14 months and includes one of the best international teams in the world. Unfortunately for Gabbi, TNC had failed to make the cut and had missed the tournament. However, he feels that if they had qualified and played at the event, they would have done better than T1. 

“Of course. 100%. Ya, I think so. To be honest right now, maybe top four (with the new lineup, consisting of Boomy and Bok.) Top 6 with the old lineup (Febby and kpii).”

T1, who was the third team from SEA to qualify for the Singapore Major, delivered a lackluster performance in the wild card, becoming one of the first teams to get eliminated. 

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In addition, Gabbi also mentioned the teams that would finish in the top three at the Singapore Major. Team Secret would be the winner as they would defeat in the grand finals while the third position would be taken by either Invictus Gaming or Vici Gaming, according to the Filipino.  

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