Na’Vi Iceberg: RAMZES666 and Solo Have No Intention of Assembling a New Team


Na’Vi Iceberg: RAMZES666 and Solo Have No Intention of Assembling a New Team

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • According to Na'Vi's midlaner, Iceberg, RAMZES666 and Solo's new stack, Dota Team has only been created for one tournament.

  • Iceberg mentioned that the two Russians told him that they had participated in the ongoing EPIC League S3 only because they were tired of playing pubs.

  • Solo is to participate in the CIS 2021 DPC Season 2: Lower Division with NoTechies. However, since the team has already undergone roster changes, its participation in the second season is currently unclear.

RAMZES666 and Solo’s new stack, Dota Team, has been created for just a single tournament, according to Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) midlaner, Bogdan "Iceberg" Vasilenko. On his Twitch livestream, Iceberg stated that the two former members Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev and Alexey "Solo" Berezin had told him that they have no intention of playing with Dota Team in the future and were playing in the ongoing EPIC League S3 only because they were tired of playing pubs. While Iceberg has put forward his statement, neither RAMZES666 nor Solo have themselves neither confirmed nor denied if they will be sticking with this roster or not.

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RAMZES666 and Solo’s Dota Team may only be a temporary stack

Iceberg mentioned that though, according to his understanding, RAMZES666 and Solo have no plans of sticking with their current stack, they might like to play together again in the future.

"RAMZES666 and Solo just play for fun. Yesterday I asked them. They have no intention of making a team. That is, it's a team for one tournament. Although I do not know, maybe in the future they will like to play together, but, as I understand it, Right now they do not have a goal to make a team. They just want to play a tournament together, because they are tired of playing pub games."

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Dota Team’s roster revelation and participation in the EPIC League S3 was announced on March 4, 2021, when the team replaced Solo’s former squad, NoTechies. Though they began the tournament with Malik in the offlane and MiLAN in the support role, the two players were replaced by nongrata and KingR in their series against Team Unique on March 11, 2021. They are currently 2-1 in the swiss format group stage and need one more win to advance to Division 1.

Dota Team will be eyeing a Division 1 spot when they play against Team Empire later today, on March 11, 2021.
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Iceberg’s opinion regarding the two Russians’ future plans comes at a time when their fans have already been wondering if they are going to play in Dota Team in the DPC Season 2. 

Solo had played in the DPC Season 1: Upper Division with NoTechies, finishing eighth and getting relegated to Lower Division in Season 2. The roster has already undergone roster changes, and it is unclear if they will come back for the DPC 2021 Season 2.

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If they do not want to continue with either Dota Team or NoTechies, they will have to assemble a new one shortly as the CIS 2021 DPC Season 2: Open Qualifiers begin on March 13, 2021.

Participation in the second season of the DPC is a must for teams that want to stand a chance of reaching TI10. With no open qualifiers this year, if RAMZES666 and Solo do not form a new team for the DPC Season 2, they can only reach TI by replacing a player in a team that plays in the second season of the DPC or has already qualified.  

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