Former OG Carry iLTW Believes That 23savage Will Join OG


Former OG Carry iLTW Believes That 23savage Will Join OG

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Former OG carry, iLTW, states that he is 100% sure that OG will be recruiting Thai player, 23savage.
  • iLTW believes that OG can build strategies and the game around 23savage's playstyle which they have been unable to do around MidOne.
  • This statement comes after 23savage's tweet on February 25 where he announced search for a new Dota 2 team. Also, OG, just recently failed to make it to the Singapore Major.

23savage is going to be joining OG, according to CIS player, Igor "iLTW" Filatov’s statement during his Twitch livestream. iLTW, who represented OG for a brief period in 2019, stated that he was 100% sure that the two time TI champions would be recruiting Thai star player, Nuengnara "23savage" Teeramahanon, ahead of any other carry, as they can build the strategies and the game around him. This means that iLTW believes OG will be parting ways with MidOne, their position one player, since January 2020. The CIS player’s statement comes after 23savage tweeted that he was looking for a new team on February 25.

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iLTW mentions why OG would recruit 23savage

iLTW, who played as OG’s carry for nearly three months from January to March 2019, believes that MidOne’s playstyle does not allow OG to make any strategies around him, but it is possible in the case of Thai carry player 23savage. 

“I am 100% sure that OG will sign 23savage. Not RAMZES666, not anyone else. They won't take me for sure. I don't want to play now, to be honest. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Even if they called me, I would think..

MidOne plays so-so. Well, not so-so, but it's hard to build any strategies around him. Around 23savage they [OG players] will be able to build a game.”

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Former OG Carry iLTW Believes That 23savage Will Join OG
OG has been unable to win a single tournament since TI9.
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iLTW’s prediction ensues a forgettable run for OG at the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division, as nobody had expected that they would be failing to qualify for the first Dota 2 Major in 14 months. The team’s fans have been quite disappointed with this outcome, with many pointing their pitchforks towards MidOne for his carry performances.

On the other hand, 23savage has had an unfortunate sequence of events over the past few months. After sitting on the bench of Vici Gaming for nearly four months, he was removed from the roster just before the inception of the 2021 DPC Season 1 in January, owing to travel and bootcamp issues posed by the pandemic. He did not play even a single match for them and then went on to miss the first DPC season as a consequence of getting removed at the wrong time. 

He made a return as a stand-in for BOOM Esports in the final half of the SEA DPC 2021 S1 and was expected to get signed permanently. But, surprisingly, he revealed that his time with the organization was over. 

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Although unlikely, there is a slight possibility that OG might recruit the Thai player considering his talent and will to relocate to join a new team. 

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