Team Secret Trolls OG After Its Loss to Team Liquid


Team Secret Trolls OG After Its Loss to Team Liquid

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Team Secret trolled OG on Twitter by saying that they should wait before booking their tickets for the Singapore Major after they lost an important series against Team Liquid.
  • With OG's last match expected to be a tough one against Team Secret, there is a chance that they lose and then fail to make it to the Singapore Major.
  • OG conceded their fastest map loss ever in the second match against Liquid. They were also mocked after failing to pick up the Aegis in the third game.

Team Secret and OG have a knack for poking fun at each other through their Twitter accounts. In yet another episode, Team Secret trolled OG after the two times TI champions lost the series against Team Liquid a couple of days back. As a result of this loss, OG, who was looking strong for a top-two finish in the EU DPC 2021 Season 1: Upper Division, will now have to put up a strong fight in their last series against Team Secret to get a spot in the Major. Team Secret’s Twitter handle mocked this situation as they stated, “Yeah you might want to wait a little before booking tickets to the Singapore Major.

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Team Secret mocks OG after its fastest Map loss ever.

Team Secret, who has been reigning supreme over the EU Dota 2 competitive region for nearly a year now, has already qualified to the ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major 2021. While the remaining teams are still fighting for the remainder of the three slots, Team Secret seems to be having a fun time.

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Not only did OG get trolled by Secret, but also by the Dota 2 community as they registered their fastest map loss in the series against Team Liquid. After a convincing victory in the first game, OG looked on track to finish the series 2-0. But Team Liquid punished OG’s unconventional and greedy draft in the second game to hand them their fastest loss ever, at just 13:44 minutes. The scoreline was 25-4 in favor of Liquid. 

OG Fails to Pick Up Aegis in Time

In the third and final game, OG made a blunder that again invited a lot of banter and jokes. After taking a critical fight, OG was able to kill the Roshan at the 34-minute mark. However, neither MidOne’s Wraith King nor Ceb’s Chaos Knight picked up the Aegis as they wanted Topson to pick it up since he had no Buyback. While N0tail was waiting to “Recall” Topson’s Void Spirit, Liquid qojqva slyly sent a couple of his Lycan wolves into the Roshan pit, one of out which denied the Aegis. 

After the series ended, Sébastien "Ceb" Debs, communicated through Twitter that he felt frustrated with the fact that he was sick during the series against Team Liquid. However, he stated that there was no room for excuses as their opponents were better on the day.

There is a very high chance that we witness three-way or four-way tiebreakers for the remaining three slots.
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OG now has a herculean task ahead of them as they need to beat the all dominant team of Secret in their last series on February 24. If they manage to do so, they will have a solid chance of reaching the Major. However, if they do not, their fortune will no longer be in their hands as they will require either Nigma or Liquid to lose their final matches to have a chance of making it to Singapore.

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