Nigma KuroKy Explains Why He Ignores Fan Criticism


Nigma KuroKy Explains Why He Ignores Fan Criticism

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Nigma KuroKy, in a post-match winners' interview, stated that he ignored criticism from the fans and the Dota 2 community since it was mostly negative and useless.
  • KuroKy felt that regardless of what others say or believe, a player should keep doing his thing and stay confident. He mentioned that criticism from a player's close ones can be taken.
  • Team Nigma is currently placed at the number four spot in the points table of EU DPC League. They play their next match against High Coast Esports on February 23.

KuroKy talked about how he handled all the fans’ negative criticism in a post-match winners’ interview. After Team Nigma’s momentous 2-0 win over Tundra Esports in the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division the previous night, captain Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi talked about the importance of believing in yourself and ignoring feedback from the community. He felt that he himself was a testimony of this as he excelled as a captain and became The International (TI7) champion despite people not having faith in him. KuroKy also gave some advice to aspiring pro players in the interview.

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Nigma KuroKy talks about the importance of self-belief and taking selective criticism.

KuroKy’s quest to claim another TI championship title began well with two initial wins at the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division. The team fell apart miserably in the next three series as they lost all of them. 

With Nigma almost in a do-or-die scenario, they delivered a solid showing in the series against High Coast Esports and defeated them 2-0. 

After the match, KuroKy was asked if he considered any roster change or strategy suggestions since he got a lot of them from the Dota 2 community, especially the one on Reddit. He responded,

“Criticism from the fans, some of it is well-meant. There is a lot of ill intent and malicious too, but overall, it’s just not useful for any competitor in any sport. That’s just the reality of it. There’s very valid criticism coming, but I am not going to sit down and filter it. On top of it, you just got to do your thing, and you need to be confident.” 

KuroKy concluded his thought by stating that a player should take criticism that comes from their close ones.

“You gotta stay true to yourself. You seek criticism from the people who are close to you. They will give you much better criticism, and on top of it, you need to be honest to yourself. Can’t lie to yourself about the bad things that you are doing or not the proper things so you can handle it better. That’s pretty much how I do it.”

Nigma KuroKy Explains Why He Ignores Fan Criticism
With Team Securing the Major playoffs spot, other teams can now only aim for the Major group stage or the wild card slots.
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Team Nigma has jumped to the number four spot in the EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division after the victory last night. They play their final series against High Coast Esports on February 23. A win in this series will likely grant them a Major spot, but it could all come down to tiebreakers for Nigma if the results of the other matches do not go their way. 

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