Dota 2 Overwatch System Gets an Update


Dota 2 Overwatch System Gets an Update

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Dota 2 Overwatch system got a much desired update last night.
  • While reviewing an Overwatch case, players will now view the rank tier of that game and the role queued by the reported player.
  • Using the Overwatch system, players are allowed to report others for reasons like Ability Abuse, Feeding, Suspicious Movements/ Casts, Scripting/ Hacking and Griefing.

The Dota 2 Overwatch system has finally received the improvement the fans were hoping for. After a minor update to the game the previous night, the Overwatch cases now display the players’ rank tier in a particular game. Now, it will also show the role which the reported player queued. This additional information will help the reviewer better understand an Overwatch case and allow the reviewer to decide if the player is guilty. A Reddit user, u/Drakesfjord shared an in-game example of how this looks like in a Reddit thread. While reviewing a case, the medal tier and the role queued by the reported player will appear next to his hero icon. 

Dota 2 Overwatch System Initial Impressions

Valve had finally incorporated the Overwatch system into Dota 2 on January 27 nearly four months after its initial announcement. The system received a warm welcome as the players felt that it could potentially help mitigate game ruining and negative behavior. 

However, as more and more players reviewed the Overwatch cases over the past couple of weeks, they detected ambiguity in the system. The players felt that they needed additional information in certain cases like the communication between the players, the rank tier, and the selected role to deliver the right verdict.

Various Reddit threads emerged on this matter where users highlighted instances where such information was required. Consider a scenario where Medusa was reported for griefing as she was in the mid lane along with Alchemist right from the start of the game. Now, a reviewer couldn’t decipher who had queued for the mid lane in the first place and who the actual culprit was. 

With the medal range of the game and role queued by the player feature being added to the game, players can now review the cases with a lot more ease. 

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How can a player report someone using the Dota 2 Overwatch system 

If you need to report someone using the Dota 2 overwatch system, here is what you need to do.

1. There are two ways of reporting a player. You can report a player during a game using the scoreboard by clicking on the red flag next to the chat and voice mute icons or by selecting a player and clicking on the flag on their hero portrait.

2. After you click on the flag, you can report a player for the following reasons.

  • Ability Abuse
  • Feeding
  • Suspicious Movements/ Casts
  • Scripting/ Hacking
  • Griefing

3. In addition, you can also mention the time when the disruptive action was committed. 

  • Just Now
  • Around 1 min ago
  • Around 5 mins ago

4. After you have mentioned the reason as well as the time, press 'Send Report.' Your report will be issued.

Dota 2 Overwatch System Gets an Update
This is how the Overwatch report window looks after you click on the flag to report a specific player.

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You can report a specific player as many times as needed within one game. It will only consume one Overwatch report regardless of how many times you report that player in the game. However, the total number of these reports will have a weekly limit. This has likely been incorporated to stop players from mass and unnecessary reporting.

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