What is 322 in Dota 2? Solo’s Most Notorious Moment.

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  • 322 is a popular meme in Dota 2 that refers to any any form of throwing and match fixing.
  • The meme is derived from a 2013 betting fraud that involved Virtus.pro's former captain, Solo wherein he had made a bet worth $322 USD against his own team.
  • 322 is used occasionally nowadays whenever a player or a team is having a bad game or they make a questionable play.

Thanks to Solo, 322 in Dota 2 has gained a lot of notoriety over the years as the meme is spammed more often than not in Twitch chats and Reddit threads. The meme comes from way back in 2013 when Alexei “Solo” Berezin bet $322 USD against his own team and then intentionally lost the game. Since then, 322 took on the meaning of throwing a game. However, it is also used to question and mock any player who makes a poor move in a competitive game, even if it is not intentional. Let us dig deeper and find out about the history of 322 in Dota 2, what exactly it means and when it is used.

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The History of 322 in Dota 2- Solo’s Biggest Mistake

Despite being one of the most famed CIS players in Dota 2 currently, Solo’s inception to his Dota 2 career was not all rosy as he was involved in one of its first gambling incidents.

On June 16, 2013, Solo received a lifetime ban from StarLadder for a bet worth $322 against his team, RoX.KIS. The Russian had made this bet against his own team before they played zRage at StarLadder StarSeries Season 6. The horrendous performance and some visibly awful moves had created many suspicions of match fixing that Solo later admitted. 

Following this, Solo was removed from RoX.KIS’ team. Fortunately for him, his ban was reduced to only a year, and Dota 2 fans forgot the whole story behind the 322.

What is 322 in Dota 2? Solo’s Most Notorious Moment.
Solo found himself in deep waters after being involved in one of the first major match fixing scandals in esports.
Image Via Epicenter
However, 322 in Dota 2 stayed in fans’ hearts as it became a staple term for any sort of match fixing incident. Whether it be the Arrow Gaming match fixing incident or the PH one involving Jacko in 2014, they were labeled as the ‘322 scandals.’ 

As we all know, Solo grew in ranks over the years and is now widely considered the best CIS captains in Dota 2 history. 

What is 322 in Dota 2? Solo’s Most Notorious Moment.
Solo's career was on the up and up once he joined Virtus.pro in 2016.
Image Via Liquipedia

What is 322’s Meaning in Dota 2?

322 was originally used to refer to any form of throwing and match-fixing in Dota 2. Nowadays, it is used whenever a player or a team has a bad game or if someone makes a questionable play when they have a significant advantage. Twitch chat uses it to jokingly suggest that they are intentionally throwing it to win a bet.

It is also spammed in Twitch chats whenever a team throws off a huge lead or when the match’s kill scoreline reads 3-22 or 32-2. 

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The term has even started being used outside of Dota 2 and has become a part of Twitch culture.

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