How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?

How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?

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  • In the Dire jungle, six neutral camps can be stacked at once using Shadow Demon.
  • Shadow Demon with level four Disruption and at least level 1 Shadow Poison is required to stack six neutral camps successfully.
  • As for the items, the method requires only Boots of Speed on the hero and a single Observer Ward.

Neutral camp stacks in Dota 2 can be accomplished in a number of ways. Throughout the years, we have come across insane hero abilities and neutral camp interactions which have allowed for easy stacking of these camps. Sometimes, the map changes also allow certain jungle camps to get stacked with ease. This time, we found a way that allows a player to stack not only two or three but six neutral camps at once in the Dire jungle. The trick can be achieved with the hero, Shadow Demon. 

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How to stack 6 neutral camps at the same time

A Redditor, u/ASearchForFreedom, has discovered an intriguing way to stack six neutral camps at once. The trick can be implemented by using Shadow Demon’s skills effectively in the Dire Jungle and would require the following things.

  1. Shadow Demon with Boots of Speed
  2. Level 4 Disruption and at least one skill point in Shadow Poison
  3. An Observer Ward between the two camps near the dire safe lane that will provide the vision of the two camps. 
How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?
Placed beside the tree, the Observer Ward will give full vision of the two camps.The player needs to throw one charge of Shadow Poison towards the topmost camp that is near the Dire Tier 2 tower and then instantly use Disruption on him. This will need to be done at the 43-44 second mark from the small barrier near the Outpost.
How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?
After throwing Shadow Poison towards the top camp, the player is instantly required to use Disruption on himself.Then each of the two Disruptions illusions needs to be sent to either camp that is under the vision of the Observer Ward. They have to hit their respective neutral creeps at the right time and then brought back as the player micros his own hero to get the remaining three camps stacked. 
How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?
The two illusions will move down the stairs to their left to hit the two camps under vision from the Observer Ward.The remaining three camps have to be stacked with Shadow Poison. After the illusions have been sent to their respective places, the player is required to throw a charge of Shadow Poison to the camp next to the cliff near the Tier 1 tower at the 51-second mark. 
How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?
Moving slightly forward from the initial position, the neutral camp needs to be hit with Shadow Poison at the 51 second mark.As soon as the Shadow Poison comes off cooldown, another charge needs to be cast towards the remaining two camps. 
How to Stack 6 Neutral Camps in Dota 2 at Once?
The remaining two camps will ideally be stacked by casting Shadow Poison at the 55 second mark.If this is done in the right way, the player will be able to stack six jungle creep camps at the same time. Though the method is a bit complex to implement it is highly effective. It can not only help in boosting your carry’s farm but also in fetching you a share of the gold earned and experience if you stand in range of the creeps.

Here’s a video demonstrating this trick.

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Although this trick is quite handy when you’re playing as a Dire hero, the skill build that you are forced to go for, in order to stack all six camps make this sub-optimal. Players should instead aim to stack the four right-most camps in the northern part of the dire jungle. It is almost as efficient as the previous 6 camp stack and will not cripple your laning presence.

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