SA Player Faker Issues an Apology for His Racist Behavior in a Pub Match


SA Player Faker Issues an Apology for His Racist Behavior in a Pub Match

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  • SA Dota 2 player, Faker, has issued an apology after he was caught hurling racist comments at NA pro player, Jubei.
  • Faker passed unacceptable racist comments and also cursed Jubei after the latter had abused him for dying too many times in the mid lane in a pub match.
  • In the apology, Faker stated that his life had been full of prejudices which led to a lot of frustration. However, he also mentioned that he was working on becoming better at it.

South American Dota 2 player Eliseo "Faker" Arancibia (also known as "Kxy") has issued an apology after he made racist remarks towards Canadian player Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn in a pub match. Through a Twitter post, the Peruvian player stated that his life had been filled with prejudices that made him frustrated. However, he communicated that he was working on becoming better.

 Faker was subject to a lot of criticism from the Dota 2 community as his racist remarks were deemed unacceptable. A Reddit thread had emerged on this matter where the users asked Valve to take stringent measures against such racist behavior. 

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0-900 player, Faker, makes a public apology after hurling racist comments at Jubei

Faker is a Peruvian player who is currently the mid laner for team 0-900. Also known as Kxy, he has previously played for major SA teams like Infamous and Thunder Predator. The player was found hurling racist comments and abuses against NA pro player, Jubei, in a pub match. 

During Jubei’s stream, the two players were paired up in the same team and the dispute between them began at the six-minute mark when Jubei abused Faker for dying too many times in the mid lane. In return, the Pervuiavn passed racist comments towards Jubei and also said, “I hope your mom get covid.

SA Player Faker Issues an Apology for His Racist Behavior in a Pub Match
While Jubei initiated the fight by abusing and flaming Faker, the latter crossed the line by making racist remarks.
Screengrab Via Jubei's livestream on Twitch
Since the incident was caught on Jubei’s livestream on Twitch, a Reddit thread soon emerged on the issue where the Dota 2 community condemned the undesirable behavior shown by Faker, stating that Valve should punish players like him since there is no space for racism in the community. 

 After this issue got a lot of attraction, Faker created a new Twitter account to apologize for the racist comments that he made against Jubei. While expressing his regret for his frustration that led to such behavior, he stated that he is working toward fixing it and asked the community to understand him.

His team, 0-900, also made a Facebook post where they shared their midlaner’s tweet, stating that they had a talk with Faker about his issue and had asked him to amend such toxic behavior. 

It is not clear whether 0-900 financially penalized Faker for his comments in the pub game.

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Valve has previously stated that in such cases of unacceptable behavior, responsibility resides with teams to handle these types of issues professionally. However, in case the team failed to take the required steps, Valve would step in. 

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