SA Player Faker's Racist Comments in a Dota 2 Pub Game Cause Outrage

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  • SA Dota 2 player, Faker, who plays for 0-900 has been caught hurling racist comments against Canadian player, Jubei, who plays for Black N Yellow.
  • The two players had a heated exchange of words after Jubei abused Faker for dying many times in the mid lane following which Faker passed racist comments against Jubei.
  • A Reddit thread emerged on this issue where users condemned such behavior and demanded stringent action against players like Faker.

South American Dota 2 player, Eliseo "Faker" Arancibia (also known as "Kxy") has been called out by the Dota 2 community for making racist comments in a pub match against Canadian player Andrew "Jubei" Evelyn. Faker’s racist comments were pointed out in a Reddit thread where he was criticized for not only using racist remarks but also cursing Jubei. As a result of Faker’s racist comments, users in the Reddit thread were angry and stated that such behavior was unacceptable. They also mentioned that Valve should deal with such instances strictly as there is no space for racism in the community.

Note: Eliseo “Faker” Arancibia is a South American Dota 2 player who plays for team 0-900. This is not to be confused with the popular League of Legends pro player Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok).

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Faker’s racist comments against Black N Yellow Player, Jubei caught on live stream

In one of Jubei’s livestreams earlier today, he found himself at the receiving end of Faker’s racist comments and abuses during a Dota 2 pub game. 

Jubei was playing Abaddon as the soft support while Faker occupied the mid lane in his team on Templar Assassin. 

The altercation between the two players began when Jubei wrote in ally chat: “Break your items, no one cares,” after Faker had died three times in the mid lane in the first six minutes. While Faker asked his teammate what he meant by breaking items, Jubei was seemingly furious at his deaths and responded with a series of expletives.

SA Player Faker's Racist Comments in a Dota 2 Pub Game Cause Outrage
Faker's racist comments were in response to Jubei flaming him for dying many times in the mid lane.
Screengrab Via Jubei Twitch
Faker replied by stating: “Are you retarded?” and then went on to hurl racist comments at Jubei. Jubei then just stated, “rofl bro, nice man,” to which Faker again used a racist comment and cursed as he stated: “I hope your mom get covid.” 

Both the players did not comment on each other through the rest of the game as their team lost it in 22 minutes. 

While Jubei was toxic in the beginning and flamed his teammate for dying many times in the mid lane, Faker’s racist comments crossed boundaries and were unacceptable. Both these players play Dota 2 at a professional level and should exercise restraint while expressing their emotions in a pub match. If they tend to cross lines, they will be subject to a lot of condemnation from the community and even severe punishments since there is no room for racism in esports. 

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Toxicity, in general, has been one of the major issues that deters new players from entering Dota 2 and forces existing ones to leave the game. Along with the recently incorporated Overwatch system that aims to tackle game ruining behavior such as cheating, feeding and griefing, a system that checks and penalizes such evident instances of racism like Faker’s comments could work wonders for the game.

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