Puppey Calls the DPC System Very Unforgiving


Puppey Calls the DPC System Very Unforgiving

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • In a post-match winners' interview, Puppey stated that the DPC system was very unforgiving since each game was like a do or die scenario.
  • He also mentioned the positive aspect of this DPC as he felt that playing online tournaments which had become stale at one time, now became important because they had a purpose attached to them.
  • Team Secret is currently dominating EU 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division as they are undefeated with three wins in three series.

Team Secret's captain, Clement "Puppey" Ivanov has voiced his displeasure with the new DPC system, stating it to be “very unforgiving.” In the post-match winners’ interview after the comprehensive victory over Nigma yesterday, Puppey mentioned that he was not a big fan of the system as it was a do or die scenario that required teams to win almost all of their games. He felt the DPC was harsh for those teams who had been unable to reach the Regional Leagues. 

However, Puppey also talked about some of the DPC’s positive aspects, stating how the DPC’s advent had made these online tournaments significant as they now had a purpose attached to them. 

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Puppey expresses his opinions regarding the new DPC system

Puppey while mentioning how the onset of the DPC had changed their perception towards online tournaments, also stated that he found the system to be very unforgiving. 

“Well, it got pretty stale playing online tournaments that have no direction towards it. Like you are never ever going to a LAN, and you are never ever going to TI basically, so it kind of gets stale after a while. You know, it’s a great thing, of course, that we could all combine strengths in order to make a big tournament happen, but it’s just not the same when you know you never know if TI is going to happen or not. Now you get this time when they actually tell you that there is a tournament going to be happening.

Also, this DPC system is very unforgiving. I would say, especially the ones that are not in the DPC right now. So, it’s a do or die basically in these few tournament leagues that we have, like these two Leagues we got going right now. Just do or die.”

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Puppey further added that he personally was not a big fan of this DPC format.

“Not a big fan; I am looking at what I am seeing, and this is like you have to win every game, for sure. No playing around, and you have to win all these games and just try your best in order to do so and figure out the meta and all that stuff. No room for failure.”

Competition in EU DPC is getting hot as we witness many teams tied up in score.
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Team Secret is continuing their top form from 2020 and showcasing why they are currently hailed as the top team in Dota 2. They are undefeated in EU DPC 2021: Upper Division with three wins in three series and occupy the number one spot in the points table. Team Secret will play their next series on February 6 against Team Liquid. 

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