RAMZES666 Talks About His Plan to Get to TI

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  • RAMZES666 has mentioned that in order to get to The International 10, he does not care about playing in CIS or Europe as he does not have any language related issues.
  • He also stated that even if the top teams did not pick him up, he would assemble a team of his own and reach TI through the closed qualifiers.
  • RAMZES666 has just become a free agent after EG announced that their contract with the Russian had been terminated.

Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev’s contract with Evil Geniuses (EG) was terminated just an hour ago by the organization after he had been moved to an inactive position in November 2020. While the Russian thanked the organization for their support through a Twitter post, CIS portal also released a report where RAMZES666 has mentioned what he plans to do in the near future. According to RAMZES666, to get to The International 10, he could play in either Europe or CIS since there was no language barrier for him.

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RAMZES666 talks about his future plans

RAMZES666 has stated that he is ready to play Dota 2 in both CIS and Europe as he had no differences or problems with the language in either of the two regions. He mentioned that whether or not a top team picks him up, he is going to play and if required, he is also ready to assemble a team of his own and reach The International through closed qualifiers. 

"To play in the CIS or in Europe - no big difference for me, I won't have any problems with the language. It doesn't matter if the top guys take me or not - I'm still ready to play, and if I have to, I'll build a team to make it through the closed quals.

RAMZES666 becomes a free agent 

EG also just communicated that they have ended the partnership with their former offlaner.

The Russian then made a Twitter post where he paid his regards to EG coach, BuLba, mentioning that he was a free agent now.

“Yesterday was my last day at EG, so now I'm a free agent. I want to thank our coach BuLba for everything he taught me and for believing in me after TI9. Thanks to my teammates for a great time together and to the EG staff (Phil, Nicole and everyone else) for organizing my life in America and tournaments. We are waiting for the end of the first season, and then back to Dota 2! "

RAMZES666 had joined EG in November 2019 as he made a role swap from a carry player to the offlaner. EG was showcasing some top-notch Dota 2 gameplay with the Russian's addition, with their best finish coming at DreamLeague Season 13 where they emerged as the runner-ups. However, he was replaced by iceiceice in November 2020. 

RAMZES666 Talks About His Plan to Get to TI
RAMZES666's results with EG.
Image Via Liquipedia

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With roster lock rules virtually in place for the 2021 DPC Season 1, we will likely witness the CIS star making a return in the second season that begins in April 2021. 

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