S4 Talks About the Mind Games Against OG

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  • After the win over OG, Alliance's captain, s4, talked about a "battle of the minds" when they play against the two-time TI champions.
  • He also mentioned that every team is watching Chinese Dota 2 to gain insights as their region is highly competitive.
  • Alliance with one win and one loss after two series, is currently sitting on the number five spot in the points table. They play their next series against High Coast Esports on February 2.

After beating OG, Alliance’s captain, Gustav "s4" Magnusson came in for a post-match winners’ interview in EU-DPC 2021 S1 where he talked about the uniqueness in their matchup against OG. S4 also mentioned that Team Secret was their most formidable opponent in the tournament. He also noted that every team was watching the Chinese region as they were showing some top-notch and highly competitive Dota 2 gameplay. 

The win over OG marks Alliance’s first victory of EU-DPC 2021 S1. 

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S4 talks about their matchup against OG

Artsiom "fng" Barshak’s epic Rat play on Nature’s Prophet over OG yesterday helped Alliance secure a 2-0 victory and attain their first points of EU-DPC 2021 S1. 

After this much-needed win, the captain of Alliance, s4, talked about the constant mind games that the team had to play against OG. He also mentioned that Team Secret was their toughest rival in the tournament.”

“I think, OG is kind of like the battle of the minds you know in a way that you don’t want them to get into your mind when you are playing against them and same with like we want to get into their mind. You can kind of see it in how we move around the map and stuff. They are just constantly attacking us on one side, and we attack them on one side. We don’t like, respond, or anything, [we’re] just running at each other, so it’s very different from playing against other teams, but I would say Secret are looking really strong right now, as usual. They are probably the strongest for us right now.”

S4 talks about Chinese Dota 2

S4 also mentioned that, apart from Europe, he was watching and learning a lot from China.

“Yeah, I mean, I think everyone is watching China right now. I think they are playing super well, and they are very competitive. I think they are even playing LAN, most of them, so it’s super competitive. They are all trying their best, and I think we are kind of behind right now, but when we meet them at LAN, we are going to see how we fare against them...

…We have a lot of respect for them. We are watching the replays and stuff, and they play super well.”

S4 Talks About the Mind Games Against OG
Alliance are finally off the mark in the European DPC League
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Alliance will be elated with the win over OG after a taxing loss against Team Nigma. They are currently positioned at the number five spot in the points table with one win and one loss after two series. Their next match will be against High Coast Esports on Feb. 2. 

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