N0tail Talks About How He Keeps His Motivation Intact


N0tail Talks About How He Keeps His Motivation Intact

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • N0tail in a post-match winners' interview talked about his source of motivation to keep playing and be the best despite winning two TIs.
  • He mentioned that the fans as well as the haters fuel the motivation and also that he loved the game a lot.
  • OG has had a great start to the 2021 DPC season, having won both of their initial series. They will play their next match against Alliance on January 30.

After the victory over Tundra Esports yesterday, OG’s captain Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, came in for a customary post-match winners’ interview. He spoke about the source of his motivation that pushes him to keep playing and be the best despite already winning two The Internationals (TIs).

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N0tail mentions his sources of motivation and expresses his love for Dota 2

OG’s victory over Tundra Esports yesterday was not as clean as the team would have wanted but with two wins in two series now, they are now off to a solid start in the 2021 DPC season. 

In the post-match interview after the win over Tundra, commentator Capitalist asked N0tail the driving force behind his motivation as he looked hungry to play more and be the best despite winning two TIs.

N0tail while mentioning the various sources of motivation stated that he loved the game a lot as it constantly brought fresh additions like the recent introduction of Aghanim’s Shards. 

“I am a born Dota 2 machine man, that’s how. Eat sleep Dota repeat, yeah. I don’t know when it’s gonna die down but yeah, when you see other teams win, when you listen to all the fans and all the good things they have to say and sometimes the haters, they fuel the motivation too. There are many sources of motivation. 

I still love the game. One of the big things is the freshness that we keep seeing. Now we have the Shards. I have been loving Dota since they introduced the Shards. Yeah, I don’t know, I sometimes just feel lucky that we have such an amazing game and the fact that it is free and they keep working on it. You have IceFrog and other people who have been working on the game for over a decade. I think my motivation would die very quickly if the game was not so good. Most of my contribution to keeping motivation is the fact that we are playing such a good game.”

Kyle further asked N0tail if he took anything personally to keep the motivation intact. N0tail then added,

“Yeah, there is an ocean of love and hate to take from. I tend to give the fans more attention even though the haters are a lot louder. Those are two things that I use for fuel quite often. And then yeah, wake up and feel like playing Dota, like itching. Sometimes, I play other games and you play them for a few hours and then you always get sucked back into the game..sucked back into the game for being good. Haters, lovers, the quality of the game, you guys too (the panel present) have some really good approach to how we treat our game and how we cast it and how to have fun with it and also how it is not so serious and trying to be so pretentious. It’s very real and you know the people are very real so there are many things, many things that are making me come back.”

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N0tail Talks About How He Keeps His Motivation Intact
EU Upper Division standings as of January 27.
Image Via Liquipedia
The two times TI champion, N0tail, has had a decent start to the road to his third TI title, having won both the initial series at the 2021 EU Regional League. OG will be playing their next series against Alliance on January 30. 

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