Best and Worst Heroes So Far in SEA DPC League

Best and Worst Heroes So Far in SEA DPC League

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Week 1 of the SEA DPC League 2021 has witnessed some heroes being very strong as they have been either first picked or banned while some others have been quite unsuccessful to play.
  • Heading into the second week, we take a look at the best and the worst heroes in the SEA DPC League as per their win and pick rate.
  • Batrider and Puck are the best with a win rate of 71.43% and 61.54% while Void spirit and Pango are the worst with a win rate of 0% and 16.67%

The first week in the SEA DPC League was an intriguing one as we witnessed teams exploring and figuring out the strongest heroes in this developing patch of 7.28b. We came across some heroes that looked broken while others like Sven and Faceless Void were hardly picked, having fallen off the cliff after being the staple carry heroes in the previous patch. 

A total of 25 matches have taken place in the SEA DPC League until now. We take a look at the best and the worst heroes based on their pick and win rate. The only condition was that the hero needed to be picked atleast 5 times in the DPC.

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Best heroes in SEA DPC League after Week 1

1. Batrider 

Number of matches in which Batrider was picked- 7/25 

Win Rate- 71.43%

If we consider the heroes with more than five matches, the hero with the highest win rate is Batrider. Not only the highest win rate, but Batrider also has the highest KDA in the category.

He has been the go-to hero for almost every region because of his mobility and adaptability in various roles. The hero also boasts of a strong laning phase, owing to his low cooldown first skill, which provides him with the ability to pressure and potentially kill the enemies. Even if some lane matchups turn out to be favorable, the hero’s ability composition allows him to kill Ancients and neutral camps quite quickly. 

Batrider’s strength was particularly seen in the hands of Execration’s 17-year-old Midlander, Ken, when he delivered a spectacular performance on the hero and helped his team defeat the favorites, TNC Predator 2-0.

2. Puck

Number of matches in which Puck was picked- 13/25 

Win Rate- 61.54%

Though Puck does not have the second-highest win rate in heroes with more than five matches, a concurrent high pick and win rate is what makes her stand out. Nyx Assassin, Rubick and Legion Commander have a 66.67% win rate but have only been a part of six matches. Puck, on the other hand, has been picked in more than half of the matches. 

Puck is being picked so often in SEA and in other regions because of the buffs she received in patch 7.28. Valve made all of its abilities stronger, which gave it a strong boost while the damage and the Phase Shift Attack talent has made her extremely potent as a right clicking core if required.. The new Witch Blade item is also perfectly suited to the intelligence hero and so has been the first item choice for many Puck players. The hero is so strong in the current patch that it is either first picked or banned in the first phase.

Worst heroes in SEA DPC League after Week 2

1. Void spirit

Number of matches in which Void Spirit was picked- 5/25

Win Rate- 0%

Despite the hero being perceived as a decent hero in the current patch, SEA teams have not successfully played it. Void Spirit has a miserable 0% win rate so far in the region, having lost all of its five matches. 

The flexibility to put the hero in any role combined with an all-around skillset makes the hero viable in pro games. However, recent nerfs have caused the hero’s winrate to plummet to absurd numbers.

2. Pangolier

Number of matches in which Pangolier was picked- 6/25

Win Rate- 16.67%

Another hero with a disastrous win rate is Pangolier, having won just a single match out of the six he has been a part of. The hero was not impacted heavily in any of the recent patches but the emergence of other stronger heroes (like Sand King) who adapt to Pango’s playmaking role, much better may have caused its pick rate and win rate to go down significantly. 

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Week 2 of the SEA DPC 2021 in the Upper Division will kickstart tomorrow with two series - Vice Esports vs TNC Predator and Execration vs Fnatic in the Upper Division. Lower Division action in week 2 will also resume tomorrow after today’s break with Lilgun vs Galaxy Racer.

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