B8 Has Found the Replacement of 5up as Per Majors Registration Page


B8 Has Found the Replacement of 5up as Per Majors Registration Page

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • Dendi's team, B8, has found the replacement of 5up as per Valve's Majors Registration page.
  • Former Winstrike Team support player, [T]SA, is the newest addition to B8's roster as per the Registration page. However, no official communication has been made by the organization itself.
  • B8 might still have to play with 5up in some of their remaining series in the Lower Division as per DPC rules.

It looks like B8 Esports has found the replacement of their former position 4 player, Enis "5up" Elfki, as information regarding it has emerged on Valve’s Majors Registration page. Former Winstrike support, Sergey "[T]SA" Timchenko, has been registered as the fifth and final player of B8 on the Registration page. 

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[T]SA Added as a B8 player on Valve’s Majors Registration Page

A relatively lesser-known player from Russia, [T]SA, has been added to B8’s roster as per Valve’s official Majors Registration page.

Image Via ValveA relatively unknown entity in the Dota 2 pro scene, [T]SA, has played for Modus Unity and Winstrike in the past. He also participated in the CIS-DPC 2021 open qualifiers 1,2 with an all Russian squad, Ensis Academy.

He will now be replacing 5up as the soft support player for the side of B8. Many Dota 2 fans questioned 5up’s controversial removal from B8’s roster after he helped the team qualify to the Lower Division of the 2021 DPC season 1.

After his removal, a couple of CIS managers reported that a team needed to play with the same team in the qualifiers and the main Regional League. They revealed that a team could only play up to four matches in the DPC League according to DPC rules without their full roster. 

This led to the debate on whether B8 will have to roll back their roster change, which involved 5up’s removal. However, the organization has made no announcements regarding their roster following 5up’s exit from the team on January 13. 

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B8 had played their first series of the Lower Division against XactJlepbI with a stand-in, Danil "illusion" Grzhevka, in the position 4 role that took place on January 22. After [T]SA’s addition to the squad today, it will be interesting to see who occupies the soft support role for the team in the seven remaining series for them in the Lower Division. 

A lot might be revealed when they play their next match in the Lower Division on January 28 against PuckChamp. 

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